Ukash Casino’s Deposits

The Ukash electronic payment system is related to a credit card or bank account but uses special vouchers. Ukash is often the best choice for online casinos. This system does not require any personal data from its users and its vouchers can be freely purchased in any way – from electronic wallets to physical purchases.

Updated on December, 2023

Casinos with Ukash Deposit Method in United States

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The client gets a voucher, which is a paper coupon that contains a unique code of 19 digits, currency, and amount, as well as its validity period. Each voucher must be used within a year from the date of issue. You also can’t reuse the voucher. The Ukash voucher can have a different value, but the maximum amount is €750. It is also allowed to get only 5 vouchers at once.

How to Make a Deposit using Ukash

When making a deposit, you just need to choose Ukash from the list of payment options and enter the voucher’s code, specify the amount and agree to proceed with the transaction. You can use the entire value of the voucher or some part of it. Many casinos allow doing so since it lets them keep players interested to stay at their casino.

If you pay with a partial amount you will get an email and info that the code was changed to another one, and next time you will use the voucher you have to provide another 19 digits. If you want to get a voucher with some significant value, then you can combine several Ukash vouchers to make a deposit. It’s only available to those who register in the system.


The Ukash payment system provides its customers with detailed info on how to protect themselves from fraud or loss of a voucher. Users should keep the codes from the purchased vouchers hidden, not to disclose them to anyone. Financial operations should be carried out only at the reliable casinos that officially accept Ukash service. The exchange of several low denomination vouchers for one or other operations with checks must be carried out only using the Ukash Tools.


Is Ukash accepted by all digital casinos?

No, since the Ukash service is now controlled by Paysafecard. When you’re going to commit to an online gaming site, always check their list of available banking methods for this payment processor.

Can I make Ukash deposits on my mobile phone?

Ukash operates via Paysafecard, which has an app and a browser platform. You can access Ukash operations on any device you use to play at a casino.

What are the advantages of using the Ukash service?

Ukash is convenient due to speedy and secure operations, it doesn’t apply any additional costs, and your funds can be converted into any selected currencies.