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Live Casinos in United States

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    FanDuel Casino
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    5/5 (4 votes)
    • Over 500 games available
    • App rated 4.8/5 on Apple App Store
    • Generous bonuses: Risk-free day up to $200
    Safe and secure banking methods:
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    Payout speed
    2-3 business days
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    Raging Bull Casino
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    1.2/5 (5 votes)
    • An excellent selection of games
    • Generous promo offers
    • Bigger bonuses
    Safe and secure banking methods:
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    Payout speed
    1-3 business days
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    Mirax Casino
    Bonus Icon 100% up to $400 or 1,5 BTC +100 FS
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    • License from Curacao
    • Fast withdrawal of winnings (10 minutes)
    • Support for top cryptocurrencies
    Safe and secure banking methods:
    MuchBetterMasterCard Deposit Method LogoMasterCardVisa Deposit Method LogoVisaCardano
    Payout speed
    2-3 business days
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    Mybookie Casino
    Bonus Icon 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1000 10X RO
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    • Curacao License
    • Nice bonuses
    • Demo version
    Safe and secure banking methods:
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    Payout speed
    1-2 business days

Top live dealer casinos:  useful information from A to Z

Nowadays, online gambling is on a roll. Many people far and wide can play their favorite games from home or on the go and appreciate this option very much. However, fans of virtual world agree that face-to-face communication makes the game unique and provides an unforgettable experience. That is why live casinos are so popular! Combining the features of online gambling platforms and land-based institutions, these types of casinos are inimitable. And they should be explored further!

What is real-time gambling? 

Live dealer casino is an online casino that provides an opportunity to play in real-time with real dealers. This option is called real-time gambling and is highly appreciated by those who prefer playing card games or roulette. The main reason for real-time gambling popularity is a successful combination of online and offline casinos features. On the one hand, it is still a virtual world, and gamers are not limited by country or time burdens. On the other hand, the unique feeling of face-to-face communication is present. Moreover, online live casinos allow players to take their chances without a randomizer. Some of them believe that the dealer’s hand could be very fortunate.

The process of gambling is similar to an online one. Gamers should pick the game in one of the top live casinos, deposit funds, choose the stakes or cards with a particular button. Dealers can interact with gamers via video. Even more, the language of communication is chosen by the clients. Live casinos often work together with professionals who can cope with several languages.

The main facts about live dealer casinos 

Live casino sites stand out in the industry and are connected with various interesting facts. They appeared relatively recent: in the ’00s. Innovative streaming technology breathed a new life into the gambling world despite some technological disadvantages. Nowadays, online technologies have become much more intelligent and efficient. For example, some live casinos have started to use OCR software to make the game fair and comfortable. This software recognizes the cards and symbols in a real studio and translates them to gamers using code. And that is not all! In addition to innovative technologies, the best live dealer casinos put great efforts to make employers as quality as possible. Usually, people should finish courses that are lasting up to 6 weeks to become a dealer.

Features of the best live online casinos

How to choose a reputable live dealer casino? This question is highly topical. However, experienced players and game experts have already found the answer, and it is connected with several essential features.

  • The best platforms always take care of safe and fair gaming. This goal is achieved by modern software. One of the popular ways is using encryption technology to protect data. This technology allows users to send and receive information without the risk of stealing. The reputable online live casino should also approve the gaming process by solid reviewers. 
  • Comfortable payment policy. It’s essential to have the ability to withdraw money quickly, without any additional commissions. That is why industry leaders provide several payment methods. The more payment systems are available, the more convenient the gaming process is.
  • Loyalty program. Promotions, welcome bonuses, VIP programs — all these features show that casinos are interested in clients. And if so, the gambling process will be delightful for both.
  • Mobile support. Nowadays, playing games on smartphones and tablets is a new reality. And a professional platform should offer this experience. The website should be accessible for mobile users or ensure playing live dealer casino games with an app.
  • Game catalog. The best live gaming platforms are always full of engaging games. It is essential to satisfy gamers with new propositions, well-known games, and their variations. For example, a good casino will propose not only European roulette but also American and French.

Live casinos promotions 

We decided how to pick the best live casino. Let’s focus on how to get as much profit as possible from it. In other words, let’s discuss what promotions are available. 

  • No deposit bonus. A particular sum carried in the personal user’s account can be used as a first bet. This sum is usually not very big, and gamers cannot receive it in monetary terms. However, if the game is successful, it is allowed to get money back after several stakes.
  • Real money bonus. This option implies getting real money by casino in addition to the gamer’s bet. For example, if a casino provides a 120% bonus, it will give $1.20 for every $1 of the gamer’s deposit. If the bet is $10, the additional bonus will be $12. 
  • Cash back. Live dealer casino could also please the visitors with real money gifts. This promotion is called cash back. While making deposits, gamers can collect coins or points and then exchange them for real money. However, this option is not commonly used and is often available only for gamers with VIP status. However, some casinos provide cash back promotions for all users from time to time. 
  • Free play and free spins. Casinos also motivate gamers to play more with free rounds. This option is available according to the inner rules. For example, to get free play in roulette, the gamers should bet a particular sum.

There are also lots of propositions that are provided by randomizers for lucky gamers. For example, some casinos organize raffles and present bonuses.

How to play live dealer casino games 

Live dealer games are easy to start. Usually, the course of actions includes:

  1. Registration. Gamers should choose the best live casino and create an account. As usual, the registration may take several minutes to point out personal and financial information. Once the process is finished, the sign-in bonus is received. Gamers could use it as a first bet.
  2. Deposit. Gamers should choose the deposit button and transfer their funds if they don’t want to limit themself with a bonus. 
  3. Game choosing. The gamers should find live dealer games in the menu and select a particular one.
  4. Dealer choosing. Some casinos provide an opportunity to choose the dealer by gender or language.
  5. Gambling. The game starts after several instructions by the dealer. Gamers could also turn to the dealer with various questions.

The most popular live dealer casino games 

Live casinos provide a wide choice of games, but some of them are the most popular. Their descriptions are below.

Baccarat. It is a famous card game. The main goal is to get a card combination equal to 9 points or close to this number. The game has three options: Player win, Banker win, Tie. The game’s main feature is the ability to play for both player’s hand and Banker’s hand. According to the choice, the stake should be made in a particular game zone.

During the first round, both Player and Dealer get two cards. Their combination shows the total number of points. Face cards aren’t worth anything. Ace is worth 1 point, and other cards are worth their numbers. If the total number is more than 10 points, 10 points are subtracted. For example, 15 points turn into 5 points. If the total number of points is less than 5, a gamer should get a third card unless his opponent has won the game. Winning is achieved with 8 or 9 points.

Blackjack. It is a card game that implies getting 21 points or close. Those who earn more than 21 points finish the game without winning. The game starts from the card shuffling. This process works like a number randomizer. Then participants should make their bets in a particular zone. Usually, it is a small circle. The next step is card dealing. Every gamer receives one card that is flipped face-up. The cards are worth particular points. Face cards worth 10 points, number cards worth their numbers, ace — 1 or 11 points. If the player wants to get one more card, he should ask the dealer to hit. It is also available to stand and don’t receive cards anymore. 

There are some valuable options in blackjack. One of them is double down. The gamers could double their bets before receiving a card. Cards with the same value can also be used for two hands. This option is called split. The player with the highest total will be a winner. 

Poker. It is a card game that requires strategic planning. The basis of the game is five-card combinations that gamers should be familiarized with. 

There are high-value and low-value combinations. As usual, the game starts from the bets, and then the dealer passes out the cards. Every gamer receives two cards; during the next rounds, the dealer passes out one card to each player. The bets are made during every round. Gamers can add more money by saying “Raise”, match other participants’ stakes by saying “Сall”, or avoid betting with the word “Сheck”. During the final round, participants show their card combinations to reveal the highest one.

Roulette. It is another world-famous game that has been popular for about two centuries. Roulette has some variations, but the basis is equal. The play table consists of numbers and zero (American roulette also has double zero). The gamers choose the type of bet and make a stake in a particular table zone. The payout depends on the stake. For example, zero stakes are one of the most profitable but characterized by rare payouts. Six-line betting provides frequent payouts, but they are not so high.

Sic Bo. Although this game is not ordinary, it is famous far and wide. The basis of the game is straightforward. The gamers should predict the number combination of three dice. The gamers can bet on a particular number combination or the total. Betting on the total works like betting on the color in roulette. The gamers choose whether the total number of points will be small (up to 10 points) or big (more than 11 points). There are also single, double and triple bets. A single bet means that a number will be shown on one of the dice. A double bet means that the number will be shown on two dice. A triple bet will win if all dice show a particular number.

Live dealer games providers

While choosing the best live casino, it is essential to consider game providers the casino cooperates with. Nowadays, the key players in the market are Evoluition, NetEnd, Playtech, and Microgaming. There are also lots of other brands, but these companies are the most famous ones. The game provider could impact the game process significantly with such essential game features as:

  • Connection quality. Quality live streaming is an essential condition of comfortable gambling. Reputable providers could implement their encoding software and hardware, making the loading and streaming much faster.
  • The game choice. Popular casino providers always take into account the latest trends.
  • Free gaming. Dealers also provide this option. World-famous companies have a variety of free games that are available all around the world.

Pros and cons of live casino sites  

So, is an online live casino worth trying? Analyze pros and cons to make a decision.


  • Unique experience. Live casinos bring the same feelings as land-based casinos do. They allow players to share their emotions and interact with other participants. And it is, in fact, a unique opportunity for the virtual world.
  • Profitable promotions. Specific bonuses are a valuable feature of the live dealer games. For example, a casino could add a particular sum to every bet. The reason for such an action is clear. People play fewer hands in live casinos, so the stakes should be more significant. Casinos motivate players to bet more with a bonus system.
  • The final cost. Playing in a live casino is cheaper than visiting a land-based casino. The most popular land-based institutions provide minimal stakes from $10. Live dealer game casinos have lower limits. Moreover, gamers don’t have to buy food, drinks, tickets for traveling, and so on.
  • Free tables. There is no need to wait for a free table in an online casino. If the game is not available for some reason, it is easy to visit another website.


  • Dealers are not available round the clock. If you prefer playing with a particular person, it’s essential to remember that he or she can’t work 24/7. Although dealers usually work by different schedules making the gaming process continuous, each person has limited working hours.
  • Table limits are higher than in traditional online gambling. It happens due to the fewer hands people play per hour.


What is better to choose: application or mobile dealer?

Both options are convenient. Mobile versions of popular casinos usually support all devices and don’t limit the gamers. Casino apps work the same way. However, it also takes device memory. In other words, the choice is up to your preferences.

What can I talk with the dealer about?

The dealers are ready for small talk. And, of course, they will answer the questions connected with the game.

Can I lose my result due to technical difficulties?

If these difficulties are the casino’s fault, the game will continue with the same results. If a gamer loses a hand due to a weak internet connection or other reasons, he could lose the result. Therefore, he has to start from the beginning.

Are there any demo versions of the game?

They are rare, but some providers offer such an option.

Is it true that randomizers are not used in live casinos?

When it comes to games with live dealers, it is true. The result depends on humans, not machines.

How can I be sure that the gaming process is secure?

Check if the casino is licensed and supported by independent organizations. Testimonials are also beneficial.

Where can I play live dealer games?

The games are accessible all over the world.