Updated on November, 2023

Cashback Bonus Selection in United States

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What Is Cashback Bonus: Exclusive Deal at Online Casinos

A cashback bonus is the type of bonus that allows gamblers to get a significant part of their cash back. However, a cashback bonus is typically reserved for high rollers that have already achieved a VIP status. There is no doubt that the majority of cashback bonus deals come from the online casino cheetahs that are used to winning big. In addition, a cashback is presented as cash or credits so the players can come back to the casino for another round.

Reputable online casinos have already made it clear that 2022 will be the year of weekly and monthly offerings in the form of cashback bonuses, which are gradually replacing the more familiar welcome bonuses. Each cashback bonus comes with specific terms and conditions issued by the casino operators. The reward system is a plan that can be found on the casino’s website. Land casinos typically refer to cashback bonuses as comp points or upgrades that do not come in cash form. Unlike the welcome bonus, the cashback bonus is only delivered to the players who have shown their unwavering support to the casino gaming. The bonuses are paid once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the casino policies.

How Cashback Bonus Works

If the players are determined to recover a part of their losses and get a medium cashback percentage from the casino, a casino cashback bonus is a perfect way to claim some real money.

The amount recovered by the players ranges from 10% to 20%, with the percentage variance depending on the casino type. For instance, if the casino offers a cashback bonus of 20% with the cashback itself being €100, €100 is the maximum amount that will be delivered, regardless of the initial amount that has been wagered.

Cashback bonus benefits:

  • The players will get better returns
  • Loyal gamers are being rewarded
  • No betting requirements are needed
  • The cashback bonus is easy-to-claim

Cashback bonus downsides:

  • All cashback bonuses have maximum caps
  • Not all casinos have the option available

The players need to be aware of the terms and conditions that come with each cashback bonus. The bonuses are limited to a certain amount and should be offered by a casino with an active, legal license.

If the players have doubts regarding the legitimacy of the casino, it is recommended to search for an authentication seal from the MGA for confirmation. Any cashback bonuses offered by the casino should come from a respected, well-trusted licensing authority. The players need to look out for casinos that have been well-rated on the list of top gambling sites online.

How to Get a Cashback Casino Bonus

Claiming the cashback bonus is relatively easy since the cash will be returned to an online casino wallet automatically regardless of the payment method that has been chosen. There are also a few steps designed to help the users claim the cashback bonus online:

  • The players will need to click on the bonus button.
  • The players will be asked to read terms and conditions.
  • The gamblers will need to make sure that the online games are legitimate for this type of bonus.
  • The gamblers will be given credits on the bonus after they have filled out the submission form correctly.

In case the casino provides a cashback bonus for loyal users, they will typically offer a percentage that cannot be higher than a bonus capped up to a maximum amount.

Cashback Bonus FAQ

Are cashback bonuses instant?

Yes, the players do not have to wait for bank withdrawals to be completed as they receive cashback bonuses directly to their casino wallet.

Are cashback bonuses legal?

Cashback bonuses are always legal, but the extent of the legality of a separate bonus largely depends on the local laws and jurisdiction. The players need to be sure that cashback bonuses are allowed in their country of residence.

Are cashback bonuses and welcome bonuses similar?

Welcome bonuses are not meant to encourage loyal players – they are simply there to make the users sign up for the game. Cashback bonuses, on the other hand, are designed for registered players that have already proven their loyalty to the casino.

How can the players claim the cashback bonus?

The players will be able to claim the cashback bonus by using a bonus code or following a link with permission to sign them up for the bonus. To get the cash, the players need to follow the instructions in the promotion.