EPRO Casino Deposits: Best Gateway to Instant Transactions

With EPRO, the players will get a secure gateway for online transactions and a provider that manages to bring an alternative payment method to the casino market. The major benefit of EPRO payments is an instant transaction period and an extra option for online casino use if cards like MasterCard and Visa are no longer available. EPRO payment option is mainly reserved for regions where debit and credit card casino transfers are limited or prohibited. By choosing EPRO as a deposit method, the players can bypass the limits set by the casino.

The benefits of EPRO as a payment option are obvious: there are no requirements to set up an account and provide the casino with a username and a password for online transactions. There are credit card holders that are forbidden from sending money to online casinos. To hide any ties between the players and the casino, the EPRO payment method was invented. To eliminate the use of credit cards for funding gambling accounts and make it impossible for card issuers to track the payments, all the deposits made at EPRO are disguised using the security system on the platform.

Updated on July, 2024

Casinos with EPRO Deposit Method in United States

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EPRO Deposits Availability

EPRO is based in Luxembourg, which means that the platform will not be regulated by the usual EU financial laws, as Luxembourg does not count as a financial or banking institution. The payment method is available to players that would like to sidestep certain restrictions established for credit and debit card users. In addition, the payment method implements advanced security protocols for online transactions.

No financial information is given to casino sites directly as EPRO manages to find an optimal pathway between the casino and the player’s account. The speed of the transactions made with the EPRO payment system mostly exceeds the processing times with regular credit card transfers. To make a deposit with EPRO, an established protocol must be followed:

  • The players will have to select EPRO as a favored deposit method for the transaction.
  • The preferred deposit amount is entered in the EPRO pop-up window in the menu bar.
  • Credit or debit card details are provided (if applicable to this payment method).
  • The transaction is confirmed by the casino and the account is updated instantly.

The players will not be required to share private banking information with the casino operator. EPRO allows using Visa or MasterCard for casino sites that would otherwise reject a credit or debit card method.


Are there any fees for using EPRO?

The players can use EPRO with no set fees. However, there can be a fee applied to transactions based on the type of transfer conducted by the players.

How long does it take to make a deposit with EPRO?

EPRO deposits are instant, with the funds appearing in the player’s account minutes after the transaction is completed. If the players cannot monitor the balance in their casino account, they can contact EPRO customer support for help.

Is it safe for players to use EPRO for online deposits?

EPRO is known to follow PCI security standards, which implies that the company will protect credit and debit card holders according to the standards established by the Payment Card Security Council.

Is the EPRO payment method private?

Those who would like to keep their gambling habits to themselves can rest assured EPRO provides a payment option that acts as an intermediary between the casino and the player’s account. In case the players choose to gamble at a casino that has a single license from Curacao, which is not supported by additional regulations, this is a perfect method to conduct payments safely.