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Play Craps Online and Win Big at Your Favorite Casino

Free online craps game is based on luck. The hexahedral cubes with dots on their sides in an amount from one to six are used in several gambling games found in casinos. The most popular of them is craps. It is very popular in gambling establishments in the United States and some other countries, and is also offered everywhere in large online casinos.

Free craps attracts customers with an exciting gameplay in which visitors can not just place bets, but also roll the dice. This means that they can try to influence the outcome of the round.

Types of Craps and Features

Many people do not know how to play free craps, since this direction of gambling is less common. Most versions use several stages, as well as different types of bets.

Therefore, in order to play craps successfully, you need to study all the nuances. Fortunately, the digital version is spared from such a phenomenon as cheating. After all, it often leads to the fact that people lost a lot of money. The scammers sharpened the bones used for craps with a displaced center of gravity. This allowed them to increase the chance of getting a specific result.

Live Craps. What is it? As in the case of the betting business, poker sites or roulette, some establishments offer you to become a participant in a real broadcast in real time. This means that there will be a live croupier at the game table, and the dice-dice will be real. Your goal is still the same – to predict the outcome of the throw.

Free online craps tables always attract the most active users who want to become part of noisy companies. If you find yourself in a real casino where you can play craps, be sure to take the time to get acquainted with this wonderful game.

Before visiting the casino, study the main provisions of the rules of playing craps, understand the frequently used terms and master at least the key recommendations of the basic craps strategy.

Basic Rules of Craps Table

Craps is played at a special table with two main sectors:

  • a place for throwing dice;
  • a field with markings for different types of bets.

Dealers, who conduct the game process, serve the craps table, accept bets, determine the winners, calculate payouts and remove the losing bets.

The goal of the free craps game is to guess which combination will fall on the dice, and get a payout by making winning bets before the roll.

In offline casinos, customers alternately play the role of a “shooter”. This is the name of the user who gets the right to roll the dice.

Stages of the Craps Game

Each round consists of two stages:

  1. The Come Out Roll is the first roll required to set the so-called Point number.
  2. Point Roll – all subsequent rolls.

During the Come Out Roll, players place bets on shooter’s winning or losing:

  1. Pass Line – the shooter will win,
  2. Don’t Pass Line – the shooter will lose.

In the process of Come Out Roll, the following combinations may occur:

  • Craps,
  • Natural,
  • Point.

The specifics of these game situations are discussed in detail in the craps rules.

Craps is characterized by fairly simple rules, but the variety of bets, the game table, the lively atmosphere that invariably accompanies the game process, can put many beginners in a difficult position.

In addition, there are several phrases and terms in craps that not everyone can decipher independently.

If you can still deal with the bets experimentally by watching the game of other visitors, then it is very difficult to understand the meaning of the phrases of the croupier and players. Moreover, in many craps tables it is necessary to ask the dealer to act in one way or another with your bet, and this is usually done with the help of certain expressions.

Understanding at least the most important phrases used when playing craps will not only help you feel more confident at the table, but also save you some money.

Where Did the Traditional Phrases in Craps Come from?

As mentioned above, it is almost always very noisy around the craps tables. Despite this, the croupiers must play strictly according to the rules and communicate with the visitors in order to avoid any disputes and misunderstandings.

For this purpose, they have come up with a number of terms and special phrases that give them the opportunity to perfectly understand each other.

Gradually, these expressions were mastered by the players, and now they are widely used in playing craps.

Some terms in craps, as well as individual numbers, sound very similar in the language and in a noisy atmosphere they are easily confused. An excellent example is the numerals “seven” and “eleven”. They are written and pronounced almost the same way. There may be situations in the casino when a number incorrectly perceived by ear can cause such a conflict that the entire administration of the institution will have to settle it.

Therefore, when eleven cards are drawn, the croupiers usually declare it as Yo! Eleven, and seven is like Seven-out! This allows you to understand exactly what number we are talking about. Of course, different institutions may have their own ways of solving such problems, so do not be surprised if you encounter with something like this.

In any case, the dealers will do everything possible to avoid misunderstandings.

What Phrases in Playing Craps Does the Player Need to Learn?

If you master the basic phrases that you need to know in order to clearly express your wishes to the dealer, this will not only facilitate his work, but also allow you to maintain a high pace of the game, so that other players will not be annoyed.

Especially do not like delays, visitors with prejudices who believe that luck can not be knocked down. Also, many people believe that violating the etiquette of the game and neglecting standard expressions reduces the chances of winning craps for fun.

You should not antagonize the croupier and colleagues in the game, so take the trouble to learn a few phrases that have been used in craps for a long time.

Main Phrases of Dealers in Craps

There are two ways of playing free online craps. According to the croupier, the phrases below should be known by all players without exception. And this is not surprising. If you place a bet by saying these phrases, it means that you are betting not only for yourself, but also for the dealer. In other words, in case of winning, the dealer will receive his share. Of course, while playing craps it is not necessary to do this, but the croupiers will undoubtedly appreciate your kindness if from time to time you also bet in their favor.

Dice out/Dice in the middle. The phrase “Dice out” is pronounced when the dice are passed to the shooter. It means that the betting ends, and now the dice will be rolled. After the dice are rolled, they are picked up again and “Dice in the middle” is announced, which means the start of accepting bets on the next roll. Therefore, when you hear the phrase “Dice out”, stop betting until “Dice in the middle” sounds.

Working/Off. Using the word “Off” and specifying your own separate bet, you can suspend its action for a while. The dealer will put a small marker in the shape of a disk on it, and this will mean that it is temporarily not playing, although it is on the field. As soon as you want to bring it back to the game, tell the dealer “Working”. He will remove the marker from it, and your bet will again participate in the game.

Inside/Outside. These definitions relate to the so-called Place bets, which are placed on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. There are special fields for them. The numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9 on the playing field are considered internal (that is “Inside”). Sometimes players want to bet on all these numbers at once. In this case, you need to transfer the chips to the dealer, specify the size of the bet and add the word “Inside”. This will let him know how much and where to put it. Numbers 4, 5, 9 and 10 are considered external (that is, “Outside”). It is easy to notice that the numbers 5 and 9 fall under both definitions. However, if you want to bet on all these numbers at once, it is enough to tell the dealer “Outside” and give him the chips, specifying the size of the bet. He will immediately understand what you want from him. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the game.

Press. When you use this word to the dealer, you ask him to double your bet. For example, one of your bets has won, and you say this word to the croupier, pointing to it. He doubles this bet and returns you the change, if there is one. If you tell the dealer “Press my bet to $30”, it will mean that you want to increase the bet to $30.

To/For. The craps table usually offers a lot of useful information about the payouts for certain bets. Therefore, when deciding which bet to make, you can first study the amount of payments. However, they can be written as 4 to 1 or 4 for 1, and there is a significant difference in the amount of the payout between these options. In no case should you think that they mean the same thing. This is a kind of trick that many casinos go to, luring inexperienced players with payouts that seem higher than in other establishments. 4 to 1 means that the win will be four times the bet. 4 for 1 implies that the winning amount will be only three times higher than the bet. Always pay attention to this.

Craps in an Online Casino

Online casino customers can also play free craps games, but they do not need to understand the subtleties of terminology. Even if the voice of a virtual dealer sounds in an online craps, you can not delve into their words. But you can practice in craps simulator. Moreover, you will definitely not have to give voice commands to the dealer.

Types of Bets in Craps

In order to win craps game online at the casino as often as possible, it is necessary to understand which bets give the maximum chances of success. The mathematical superiority of the institution is different in them, and the range of these indicators is very wide: from zero to a couple of tens of percent. In online games there is no download files. Everything goes on virtual.

We will not list all types of bets in craps, specify the RTP embedded in them and explain the nuances, since all the necessary information is contained in the articles on this website. We will highlight only the most popular bids among customers:

  • Pass Line
  • Don’t Pass Line
  • Come
  • Don’t Come
  • Odds
  • Win
  • Lose
  • Field

The full list of bets in craps can be found in the thematic publications.

Please note that at certain game stages, customers can combine different types of bets.

Separate articles are devoted to the mathematics of craps. To play craps at a professional level, you need to thoroughly study these materials.

Varieties of Craps Online

In most casinos, the classic craps rules apply to all playing craps online games. The game takes place on the usual conditions. The process includes the same steps.

But still there are differences, and sometimes they are very significant. Usually, the discrepancies relate to the available types of bets. Sometimes the payout coefficients for some types differ.

Discrepancies are especially frequent in online casinos. Software developers allow themselves to deviate from the traditional canons, so always carefully read the rules of new models.

Pros and Cons to Play Craps Online

Most fans of gambling entertainment can regularly play craps only in an online casino. This format has only one significant drawback: the absence of a unique atmosphere that cannot be recreated on a computer screen.

On the other hand, craps online in online casinos has a number of advantages:

  • Availability in any place where you can go online;
  • A variety of models of famous brands;
  • Wide betting ranges;
  • No additional costs;
  • The ability to test craps in an online casino for free;
  • The availability of mobile versions for smartphones.

There is no ban on the use of cheat sheets and betting systems while you play craps online.

Other advantages of online gambling: bonuses, promotions, comp points, and so on.

It’s really convenient to play online craps game. To make this process safe, choose reliable casinos with the help of expert reviews and reviews of real customers.

Craps in a Live Casino with Real Croupiers

Currently, many Internet portals allow you to play live craps online with real dealers. The tables are served by croupiers who lead the gameplay.

Continuous video transmission allows you to monitor what is happening on the computer screen. Bets must be made through a special program. The winners are determined automatically, and the system awards them payments.

How to Learn to Play Craps?

There are many people on the Internet who want to give paid craps lessons to beginners, but do not rush to spend money on such classes.

Follow this order in best online craps game:

  1. Carefully read the articles about the basic rules of craps online.
  2. Choose a simple game strategy that does not use multiple bets.
  3. Train for free while playing at online craps casinos. 
  4. Test more complex techniques that allow you to maximize the theoretical return.
  5. Find online craps with the most favorable rules.
  6. At first, play at low rates to fully get used to it.

If you visit offline casinos, watch what is happening near the table without risking money. You need to understand all the stages and terms.

Tips for Beginners in Craps Casinos

In conclusion, there are some useful recommendations on how to win more often in craps.

  • Thoroughly study the rules before playing for money.
  • First, practice playing dice for free.
  • Understand RTP in different types of bets and give preference only to the most profitable ones.
  • To play in real casinos, you need to learn the rules of behavior at the table. This is especially important if you are going to act as a shooter.
  • Learn the basic terms of craps.
  • Do not trust betting systems that represent all sorts of progressions. They are not able to save you from the mathematical advantage of the casino.
  • Compare the rules of online craps models. They may have different payout coefficients for certain bets.
  • Expert articles will help you choose the optimal strategy for playing craps.


Not in all offline casinos one can play free craps, but the development of Internet gambling has made this game accessible to everyone.

Of course, a computer screen and a random number generator will not replace a fun company that you can join at the craps table in a real institution, but this format has its advantages.

Do not forget also that some types of bets allow the client to play with the casino on an equal footing. This makes online craps casinos one of the most profitable gambling games. Hurry up to evaluate its many advantages personally.

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Craps FAQ

Is it possible to play craps for free?

Yes, some casinos allow playing for free. The player should find a reputable casino and go to the particular page. There are also a lot of fascinating applications with free offers that may also help. However, the player should remember that this option is usually unavailable for live-dealer table games.

How to win in craps more often?

The winning in craps depends on the right strategy and chosen bet. Experienced players share their expertise on particular resources, so there is much information about reasonable bet choices. For example, according to some researchers, betting on 4, 5, or 10 won’t be successful because the probability of the roll isn’t so high. As for the strategy, there are plenty of approaches. Some experts advise doubling the stack with each successful bet.

What are the main requirements for online craps playing?

The main requirement is a strong internet connection. It is also essential to consider mobile support playing on smartphones or tablets. Also, the gamers should choose the payment method if playing for real money. And, of course, the right mood is also valuable. Players should be patient and positive to win big money.

What do the results depend on in craps?

When it comes to online craps, the result is defined by a random number generator. It is a safe and innovative tool that reproduces random number combinations. Some games are played with real dealers so that the result depends on their hand. If the casino is reputable and certified, both options are fair.

Is it legal to play craps in online casinos?

It depends on the country and its law. Some countries allow playing, but not for real money. Some countries and regions ban craps completely. For example, casino outcomes that are defined by dice are prohibited in California. These nuances are usually well-known and don’t widespread globally. In other words, if the casino is accessible and certified all games in its sections are legal.

What is the secret of successful players?

A successful game is a result of several reasons. Among them are the right strategy, luck, and solid experience. So, it is a good idea to play more often and develop valuable skills. Moreover, regular playing is also a chance to collect bonuses or become a VIP club member. These perks are available for regular casino customers.

How to protect personal data from stealing while playing craps in online casinos?

The first step is to choose a trustworthy casino with a responsible security policy. While cooperating with such a resource, the gamer can be sure that innovative tools already protect the data. Moreover, this fact is approved by independent institutions. The second step is responsible behavior online. Gamers shouldn’t share private information with other people.