OP-Pohjola Online Deposit Method. How to Use

OP-Pohjola, also known as OP Financial Group, is one of the largest financial companies in Finland. Their online banking tools are among the most popular digital payment methods in Finland. As a result, many live casino operators around the world accept it for deposits. To use OP-Pohjola online, one needs an account at the bank. However, note that only Finish citizens are eligible to have a non-corporate account!

Registering an account is easy:

  • Submit a form providing a personal ID code, mobile phone number, and name of the current bank.
  • Once the account has been approved, an SMS confirmation will arrive at the indicated phone number.
  • The bank will send the account and eService agreements to the client’s address within a few days, together with a list of key codes.
  • The final step is receiving the username and password.

Once the account is created and verified, one can start playing and depositing in online casinos!

Updated on December, 2023

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How to Deposit with OP-Pohjola?

Making a deposit with OP-Pohjola is straightforward.

  • Find the cashier page and select OP-Pohjola.
  • Clicking the logo to go to the bank’s online platform
  • Sign in, select the preferred deposit amount, and confirm it.

Note that the service may be located within Online Bank Transfer or Bank Transfer, so check out these sections if you can’t find its logo immediately!

Is It Possible to Withdraw with OP-Pohjola?

Unfortunately, OP-Pohjola is not a convenient option to withdraw the online casino winning. Some casinos may offer an option of withdrawal with an online bank transfer. However, in the majority of cases, this method cannot be used, so one will have to find an alternative.

The good news is that if one is a holder of a Visa or MasterCard issued by the bank, it is possible to pull the funds from the gambling account to the cards and bank account!

Fees and Transfer Time

When depositing money in an online casino with OP-Pohjola, the transaction is instant and free of charge. If a player is paying within the EU, neither the casino nor the bank will charge for top-ups with OP-Pohjola. In case one is sending money to a country outside the EU, the fees will be included. The fee amount will differ depending on the country the gambler is located in.

To sum it up, OP-Pohjola can be a helpful and convenient deposit method for gamblers who reside in Finland. For gamers from other countries, there might be certain complications. In addition, this deposit tool has some downsides (e.g., the lack of withdrawals) that can make the gambling process less comfortable.


Is there a mobile app for OP-Pohjola?

Yes, OP-Pohjola also offers an OP-mobile app for managing online banking. It is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

How long does it take to get money with OP-Pohjola?

When you want to withdraw the winnings, the processing of this transaction by the casino may last 2-3 days.

Is OP-Pohjola safe to use?

Yes, it is absolutely safe thanks to the encrypted protocols and absolute data protection!

Is there a customer support at OP-Pohjola?

Yes, there is. One can get in touch with the company using the contact methods listed on their website.