Skrill 1-Tap Casinos – Payment Method for Instant Deposits

Skrill-1-Tap is a modern payment service based on Skrill, an international ewallet. It helps users to make deposits in a more secure and simpler way. The convenience of use makes it an excellent payment option for online casinos. Importantly, users need to have a Skrill account to make further payments through the Skrill-1-Tap service.

Updated on December, 2023

Casinos with Skrill 1-Tap Deposit Method in United States

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Skrill 1-Tap Casinos Defined

Skrill is one of the most admired ewallets in the world and one of the most successful deposit methods at online casinos. Being represented in more than 100 countries worldwide, it has decided to expand its operations. This is how Skrill’s extension, Skrill-1-Tap, saw the world. It is perfect for casino players who need to deposit some money to be able to start gameplay.

As soon as the Skrill 1-tap feature becomes available, it can be used freely. Users just need to mention their personal details and proceed with fast online payments. What’s good is that more and more Skrill 1-Tap casinos appear here and there.

Besides the convenience of using Skrill 1-Tap, users can enjoy some other advantages. These include:

  • Extra layers of payment safety and security
  • Exclusive promotions and rewards for using the service
  • Widely accepted across top casino sites.

Deposits at Skrill 1-Tap Casinos

To use Skrill 1-Tap, players need to create a Skrill account first. This can be done free of charge. Users visit the Skrill website and provide their details in the sign-up funnel. They can activate the Skrill 1-Tap service by means of their Skrill account.

Now that online players are ready to deposit money into a Skrill 1-Tap casino, they need to make sure their Skrill account has sufficient funds. If not, they can transfer funds from their bank by linking it to the account. Then, they will have a few steps to take:

  • Login to the Skrill account, using the 1-tap feature
  • Provide the amount of money to deposit
  • Confirm the transaction and start gameplay

Withdrawals at Skrill 1-Tap Casinos

Apart from deposits, users can also make withdrawals from Skrill 1-Tap casinos. They will have to fulfill the wagering requirements and check the payment limits first. Then, they will have a few steps to take:

  • Visit the cashier and select Skrill 1-tap as the withdrawal method
  • Provide the amount to withdraw
  • Confirm the transaction and start gameplay

While deposits are processed instantly, withdrawals may take some time – up to 3 days. This is faster than with some other ewallets.

Skrill 1-Tap Charges for Online Payments

Registering an account with Skrill 1-T doesn’t cost a thing. However, some small transaction fees might be applied. Depositing money into a Skrill 1-Tap account doesn’t cost a thing. Meanwhile, credit card payments come up with a 1.9% processing fee.

Withdrawing funds from Skrill 1-Tap casino can only be completed via a bank account. Both direct bank transfers and SWIFT payment transfers involve a transaction fee of several dollars.

Users should mind that keeping their Skrill account inactive for more than 12 months will cost them a $1 fee. It will be deducted from their balance for every month their account remains ignored.


Is it safe to use Skrill 1-Tap for casino deposits?

Yes, it is safe. Skrill 1-Tap features additional levels of payment security, which makes deposits quite safe.

Where to find a casino that accepts Skrill 1-Tap?

On the Internet, one can find more than a few Skrill 1-Tap casinos. The final choice needs to be based on personal preferences and needs.

Is Skrill 1-Tap compatible with mobile casinos?

Yes, it is. Skrill 1-Tap has a mobile app that enables mobile payments on Androids and iPhones. Money can be transferred into a casino account within a few seconds.

How to fund a Skrill 1-Tap account?

Putting funds onto a Skrill Tap-1 account is easy. Users need to link a bank account to their Skrill Tap-1 service so they can send money to and from their Skrill Tap-1 account.