Best Casino Apps for Real Money. Rates and Honest Reviews

If you are ready to experience casino fun on your phone, you can find our criteria for choosing the best app here. We know how to detect real gambling apps from the most reliable providers. We recommend considering the following list of parameters to go by when choosing an app:

  • The choice of gaming options. To make sure you play successfully, apps should provide the same choice of online games that can be found in desktop casinos. Trustworthy sites will offer a vast variety of online slots, live dealer games, blackjack, and roulette.
  • The availability of bonuses. Once the bonuses become available on mobile apps, they can serve to improve your bankroll. It is best to look out for any offers like deposit bonuses and weekly promotions.
  • The security rate. You have to make sure that real money apps own an official license and have an encryption system to protect your data. If the casino apps are not supported by a legitimate provider, they should not be included in the list of attested casinos.
  • The bankroll opportunities. If the casino has a reliable system of banking methods, players will be able to make fast deposits and withdrawals. You can seek out casinos that use the options such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal withdrawal, as well as Bitcoin.
  • The payout speed. To avoid waiting for your withdrawals for too long, you have to be certain that the payout process is not delayed in any of the online casinos you choose. It is better to select casino apps that will be processing your funds at an efficient speed.

Real Money Casino Apps and Mobile Games. Pros and Cons

Players that are used to gambling on an everyday basis can either download real money casino apps or play mobile games directly in their browser. We have found pros and cons for both options:

Casino appsMobile games
The speed of the app is faster and more customized to your device Players can get enrolled instantly with no download required
It is easy to make deposits and receive promotions Players will be able to unlock the full range of games that can be found on the site
Players can restart the game every time the app is opened Players will be able to save space on their device
🞪 Players are required to have space on their device to download the game🞪 Learning how to navigate the site can be a complicated process
🞪 The range of options won’t be as large as the one on the site🞪 The game will require the players to sign in every time they open the game

The players that choose either option do not lose out on bonuses and promotions. The gambling apps titles and variants are maintained every time you open the app. With real money gambling apps, you will be guaranteed a fast download process.

The Best Casino Apps and Tips for Added User Security

You can avoid getting in trouble with the best casino apps online by following the recommendations below:

  • Do not engage in long-term sessions. Make sure that you take a break from playing casino apps online. Increased exposure to some of the casino’s bright designs may cause irritability and faults in your gaming strategy.
  • Place small bets while playing. Players who choose to bet with large amounts of cash will inevitably come to a point where they have nothing to wager on. To avoid this, manage your budget thoughtfully.
  • Make sure you have a safe connection. While the majority of real money casino apps do their utmost to secure your status online, you still have to select a trusted Wi-Fi connection for a successful gaming session.
  • Recharge your device if necessary. Recharging your device at a specific time guarantees that your phone will work consistently. Please note that you won’t be able to save your winnings if your battery runs out in the middle of the game.

According to the statistics, more than 60% of gamblers play from their mobile phones. The average value of the gambling market was revealed to reach $59.6 billion, with the same number estimated to be $92.9 billion in a few years. Slot games remain the most popular mobile casino games available to the players, with over 4,800 casino businesses functioning around the world.

Best Casino Slots Apps. How Gambling Apps Need to Work

You can define the difference between online casino apps and online mobile casinos by testing the basic mechanisms of a certain app. Casino apps can be downloaded to your mobile device in an instant, while mobile casinos will be customized to match your phone. Here are the differences that should be taken into account:

Mobile casinosCasino apps
No download is required to start playingThe ability to finish the download at a fast pace
The clarity of resolution will vary depending on your connectionClear resolution for all mobile devices
Players need to sign up every time they start a gameThe ability to save your login on the app
The games will have a smaller format on your phoneThe layout of the app will be tailored to match your phone

Players can download free casino apps by following the guide below:

  • Ensure that your mobile device fits the requirements needed to download the app.
  • Find live casino apps and real money casino apps that you would like to download. If you are an Android user, you can complete this step via the casino’s official website.
  • Start downloading the app. If the app is safe and protected with encryption, the process should run without interruption.
  • After the installment is finished, you can click on the chosen app to activate it.
  • If there are any promotions or bonuses that come with the app, study the website policy so that you know how to claim the rewards.
  • If you have previously created an account for the casino, you can log in without delay. If the account does not exist, you can sign up at any time.
  • If the players decide to register via the casino app, they need to find out more about the welcome bonuses offered by the site.
  • To create a new account, complete the registration form that requires you to include a valid email address, home address, full name, and the number of your social security. The players will also need to select a username and a safe password to be able to access the app. There are free casino apps that will permit the players to save their email as a username.
  • By the time you have submitted personal information, a new account will be created. Check if the app is working properly. You need to determine whether there is a license for the app and if there are any banking options available.
  • In case you decide to play for real money, place your deposit and analyze your bankroll. Most casino experts recommend starting small and gradually increasing the number of bets you are wagering on.
  • If you want to learn more about the app’s basic functions and rules, try reading user reviews from trusted services.

Recognizing the Best Gambling Apps that You Can Trust

Narrowing down the list of the best online gambling apps can be a challenge, but we have managed to break down what actually goes into a great online app:

  • Reliable software. If you are looking for a casino app that works best for you, make sure it meets the standards that include SSL encryption and regularly checked software. Do research about the banking partners the site affiliates with and read about the security policy of the company. If the company does not function under an authorized license, you are free to remove yourself from playing.
  • Mobile game speed. Mobile game speed is what draws the attention of the players in the first place. To make sure you are not disconnected in the middle of the game, review the disconnect policy for the gamblers. Top-rated sites should also provide customer support for anyone who cannot log into their account or has problems downloading the app on their mobile phone.
  • Real money wins. Gamers need to look out for bonuses that come with each app. You can get welcome bonuses and promotions if the app has been devised to accommodate the players and not the casino. You can also check whether a particular gambling app is safe by reading about the provider and learning more about the authority they are under. Licensed casino apps make sure that the players can withdraw their winnings at once.
  • Secure payment method. Many players are worried about the online casino apps taking a form of payment that they do not find convenient. We can assure you that most apps take similar kinds of payment. The top-rated casino apps will allow the gamblers to choose from the following list of payment methods: credit cards (including Visa and MasterCard), online banking method, eCheck, wire transfer, ACH Transfer, Neteller, PayNearMe, Cash at the Cage, Skrill, PayPal, and eWallet. Make sure you only choose casinos with credible payment options for online gambling.

Casino Apps FAQ: What You Need to Learn to Secure a Win

Are there apps where I can play for real money?

There are many casino game apps that allow you to play for real money. You have to select the trusted app to start the game. Check the recommended sites for fast payouts and secure withdrawal. You can also take a look at the online reviews of an app to know if it is trustworthy.

Can I play from my computer?

As a rule, the gamblers are allowed to play from their computer if they choose the desktop version of their favorite game. If the site operates successfully, you will need the same contact information to access your account. You can also alternate between playing from your computer and your phone.

Which apps would you recommend for beginners?

The list depends on the personal preference of a player, but it is best to remind the gamers that they need to follow certain criteria when choosing online gambling apps for themselves. These are fast payouts, sharp graphics, clever design, a secure withdrawal system, and the availability of bonuses.

Is it safe to play casino apps?

If you choose a casino with an excellent reputation, you are safe using the apps on your phone or your tablet. The encryption system should work the same way on your mobile device as it does on your desktop. In this case, if you lose real money while playing, it can be blamed on luck and not the site.

Can I play mobile live dealer games online?

Many mobile casino apps are already working on including live dealer games in their list of offers. Ideally, you will be able to play these games on your mobile device or a tablet. However, it is important to point out that some smartphones do not have a screen that’s compatible with the live dealer experience. In this case, you need to look for live dealer games that have been customized to fit the apps.

Can I create a single account for various devices?

Free casino apps were created to help gamblers access their account from a mobile device. Some apps have a notification option so that they will send you an email to tell you that the account has been used from another device. The email you will receive confirms that no third parties are logging into the account unauthorized. Playing from a single account is good for gamblers that want to continue the game on their smartphone when they are outside the house.