Top-Rated Casinos for You to Play Blackjack in United States

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    BC.GAME Casino
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    Inmerion Casino
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    Lucky Tiger Casino
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    7Bit Casino
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    Sloto Cash Casino
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    Miami Club Casino
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    Sloto Stars Casino
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    Diamond Reels Casino
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    JackBit Casino
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Blackjack Strategy Explained: Master the Game Using the Right Approach

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It is easy to play and convenient to use. But it won’t let you go far without a proper strategy.

Beginners and high-rollers need to develop a gaming strategy to use it at different Blackjack games. Whichever card they have in their hands, they will have to act in accordance with the pre-determined set of rules.

Below, you will find an overview of how to develop and deploy the perfect Blackjack strategy. Make it your credible source of inspiration throughout the gaming process.

Using the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Chart

Every Blackjack game is based on a certain set of rules. This means that every single chart is suitable for a particular situation. To make things easier, you might need an ultimate Blackjack strategy chart. Make sure to follow the Blackjack strategy chart below:

  • Suitable for any traditional Blackjack game
  • Optimal for the move in any situation
  • Easily avoiding big mistakes throughout the gameplay
  • Adjustable to the basic strategy
Player Hand TotalDealer Up Card
Hard Hands2345678910A


Soft Hands2345678910A


Splitting Pairs2345678910A


HHitDDouble DownSStandYSplitNDon’t Split

The basic strategy determines exactly how to optimally play in relation to the dealer’s hand. Nevertheless, experienced gamblers know that the house has the advantage in every casino game. This is how they make a profit.

Blackjack is considered to be one of the lowest house edge games. With the basic strategy, the house edge is estimated at 0.50%. In other words, for every $100 wagered, the casino gets $0.50 over an unprecise number of hands. In this context, the basic strategy becomes incredibly important. For every $100 wagered by an inexperienced player, the casinos can get as much as $2.50 or more over time. Knowing this, it’s quite easy to understand why the basic strategy has become the major choice among players.

Basic Blackjack Strategies

The casino Blackjack strategy helps bring the house edge down to 0.5% or even lower. This usually happens with the number of card decks, the local specificity for the game, and so on. It may not be an absolute guarantee of a reduced house edge but it definitely helps you master the game. Here are the main instructions to be followed:

  • Reference a strategy chart. After you get cards, you should compare your hand with the dealer’s upper card. This is where you should refer to the above chart that indicates the mathematically correct play.
  • Ignore even money. If you hit Blackjack and the dealer’s upper card is an Ace, you will get a winning amount of money. The hand will be a push up to 30.70%, which makes it a very bad bet in the long-term perspective.
  • Get familiar with the gaming rules. Make sure you know the chart rules before placing your bets. The dealer must stand on 17 or hit on soft 17, which will be clearly printed on the table.

Blackjack Surrender Strategy

During the gameplay, surrendering allows you to fold your hand and get half of your stake without losing everything. This can be a good solution for players when they want to cut their losses. A player can surrender before or after the dealer asks him/her for revealing cards.

Blackjack Splitting Strategy

You can split your cards while playing the game of Blackjack. You will have such an opportunity just after getting your cards dealt. By splitting cards, you automatically put them into two separate hands, each of which gets a second card.

Through splitting, you can double up your winnings. To achieve this result, you will need to double your stake first.

Blackjack Doubling Down Strategy

When you decide to double down in a game of Blackjack, you need to double the stake of your initial bet. This will let you draw more than one card, whether you have a ‘hard’ or a ‘soft’ hand. Some online casinos let you double down on hard 10’s and 11’s.

If you come up with a double-down decision, you will automatically reduce the house edge by up to 1.40%. But this strategy minimizes your chances of winning the hand by almost 60%.

Blackjack Hit or Stand Strategy

Hit and Stand are the main actions you have to choose from when playing Blackjack. If you hit, the dealer will deal you another card. If you go over 21, you will bust. If you stand, you won’t get another card.

Hit Blackjack Basic Strategy:

  • Hit hard 11 and below.
  • Hit soft 17 and below.

Stand Blackjack Basic Strategy:

  • Stand on hard 17 or above.
  • Stand on soft 18 against a dealer 9, 10, or A.
  • Stand on hard 12 against a dealer 4-6. Then, hit.
  • Stand on hard 13-16 against a dealer 2-6. Then, hit.
  • Stand on soft 19 and above.

Blackjack Insurance Strategy

Insurance is provided if the dealer’s upper card is an Ace. If you choose to use this option, it will cost you up to half of the original wager. And if you have a 10 or picture card, you will lose half instead of losing everything.

Even Money is a type of insurance provided when the dealer reveals an Ace card. If you have a Blackjack hand and you go for this trick, you will make the dealer end up with Blackjack. Eventually, you will be paid out at 1:1.

Counting Cards in Blackjack

Card counting is one of the most popular approaches used by Blackjack fans. The basic strategy doesn’t show you how to count the cards because it doesn’t provide a clear understanding of betting odds and features.

The best Blackjack counting strategy isn’t hard to figure out. You need to assign values to each card in the deck as per the Hi-Low System. While you cannot have 15 values assigned, you should use “blanket values” to create a separate group of cards at a time. Here is how it looks:

Now that you know it and when the dealer deals the first cards, you can try to crunch the numbers by moving from 0. Whenever you decide to shuffle the cards, the 0 will be reintroduced. Thus, you have to follow the (+) and (-) to find out what cards are left in the deck. The further actions will be different for the situations with low and high cards.

You can’t say exactly when it’s the right time to bet high and low. If only small cards are revealed, Royals will be most likely involved in the next hand. This will be the best time to bet high. If only large cards are revealed, betting low will be the best option. You will be able to hit without thinking about a bust.


Where can I practice Blackjack strategy for free?

Some online casinos offer Blackjack games in a demo mode. This way they let their customers get some practice before depositing a single dollar.

What stands behind “Las Vegas rules” Blackjack?

“Las Vegas rules” Blackjack stands for the game that takes place in Downtown Las Vegas. It includes the insurance bet, re-split options, and double-down policies. The dealer stands on soft 17, which results in slightly better odds for players.

Why do you need to learn Blackjack strategy?

The proper strategy can help players place the right bets, make good decisions, and earn extra money. Blackjack basic strategy tells them the mathematically credible way to play every single hand they hold in their hands. Even though players lose many hands, Blackjack strategy is all limiting potential losses and expanding profits in the long run.

How does the number of decks affect the Blackjack strategy?

The number of decks affects the house edge. Thus, fewer decks lead to a lower house edge. This is why most online casinos use up to 8 decks.

Does card counting increase the winning amount?

Blackjack always leaves a chance of losing money, even with good card counting skills. Players’ achievements depend on their personal skills, potential risks, current bankroll, and game quality. As long as these aspects are well-balanced, players can enjoy long-term advantages.

Does the insurance bet give any benefits?

No, it doesn’t. Generally, players don’t lose anything by skipping an insurance bet. It’s better to focus on a bet than put more money at stake. The payout is small, which doesn’t make betting on insurance look any better.

What is the basic strategy to use in Blackjack?

The basic strategy in Blackjack is based on a computer program that plays a great number of hands. By means of trial and error, it practices its actions in each particular situation. The program results are based on the collected statistical data. Thus, it can’t guarantee a positive outcome.

Is the Blackjack strategy legal?

Yes, it is. The Blackjack strategy is completely legal so that players can use it every time they play the game. Online casinos don’t block personal accounts or punish gamblers for using the strategy.

Does Blackjack provide the best house edge of all online casino games?

Yes, it does. Blackjack features the highest winning percentage for players. It is represented by a 0.5-0.6% house edge. Thus, Blackjack allows players to explore the game and increase their winning chances simultaneously.