Rapid Transfer – Start Gameplay after Depositing Money Online

Rapid Transfer is an instant payment method by Skrill. It allows users to complete deposits from a bank to an ewallet. Its popularity has made it a perfect choice for online casinos. Gamblers can make a deposit in order to start a game for real money. It won’t take much time and effort so players can get down to “work” almost immediately.

Updated on December, 2023

Casinos with Rapid Transfer Deposit Method in United States

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Introduction to Rapid Transfer?

Rapid Transfer belongs to the Paysafe Group. Being a Skrill service, it provides users with an opportunity to make instant bank transfers. No account is required. Being connected to more than 3,000 financial institutions around the world, Rapid Transfer offers a smooth user experience.

Rapid Transfer supports different currencies, which makes it available across the world. It is widely used at online casinos. Integrating SSL security technologies, Rapid Transfer enables safe activities devoid of external access.

What to Expect from Rapid Transfer?

Rapid Transfer allows users to pay for goods and services without any registration. Users just need to complete a transaction by specifying some banking credentials and confirming operations. All these things can be done in a secure manner.

Being licensed in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and other countries, Rapid Transfer operates in the legal field. One of the safest online payment methods can be trusted. It allows users to benefit from both the service as well as the bank’s security protocols when processing every single transaction.

How to Make a Deposit Using Rapid Transfer

To make a deposit by means of Rapid Transfer, users need to take a few standard steps. Here they are:

  • Pick ‘Rapid Transfer from the list of available deposit methods.
  • Refer to an official bank and make sure to have a card there.
  • Log in with online banking details.
  • Specify an amount of money to be deposited.
  • Confirm a transaction.

Importantly, Rapid Transfer doesn’t perform withdrawals. So users need to find an alternative solution that would allow them to make fast payouts online.


How to use Rapid Transfer for online gambling?

Rapid Transfer is used to transfer money from one’s bank account to a casino account. Users should be ready to expand their knowledge and develop the necessary skills.

Does Rapid Transfer come up with high fees?

Yes, it does. Rapid Transfer is free to use. However, a commission or a processing fee by a bank or online casino. Users can always check extra charges with their banks.

Which devices can be used for transferring money with Rapid Transfer?

Users can pay from any device, including mobile (Android and iOS), desktop, and tablet. Rapid Transfer also has optimization for all screen sizes.

How to find the nest Rapid Transfer casino?

It’s not hard to find an online casino that supports Rapid Transfer. But it may take time to discover the most suitable format.