Video Slot Machine Games

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Video Slot Machine Games

Video slots – are slot machines presented on online platforms and in land-based casinos. The main difference of such devices is the absence of physical reels with symbols. Video slots are based on computer programs and electronic control mechanisms.

The Internet contains a large list of slot machines from popular providers. Licensed demo copies of the original devices allow you to play for free and get acquainted with the bonus features and rules of the game. The features typical for all free slots video machines are described below.

Today, the concept of videoslots is used as a synonym for slot machines, so it has lost its primary special meaning.

If classic slots have three reels and five lines, then slot machine video have up to five reels and up to fifty lines to play! In the twenty-first century, technology is developing so that games use the Internet and computer technology. Free video slots present the player a wider range of possibilities than classic slot machines, for example – bonus rounds, bonus games, various symbols: wild, scatter, etc. Another advantage of playing online is progressive jackpots. To win the jackpot, the player must catch the highest combination at the highest bet.

Varieties of Slot Machines

The originality of solutions is one of the components in the development of gambling games. Developers strive to create a unique and inimitable product in order to attract the attention of the gambler and keep them with the novelty and uniqueness of the slot.

Despite a large number of existing video slots, they can be conditionally divided according to some criteria.

  • The size of the bets. This applies to the minimum and maximum values.
  • The percentage of return. Modern slot machines are characterized by a refund at the level of 96% and higher (up to 99%).
  • Risks and coefficients. These are interrelated factors. The rarer the winnings, the higher the odds offered to the player. This is most clearly seen in jackpot slot machines.
  • The number of winning lines. If classic video slots offer 1-3 lines on which combinations are collected, then the number of advanced versions can be measured in dozens. A separate bet is placed on each active line.
  • Additional rounds. They can be expressed in a risk-doubling game, bonus games, free spins.
  • Topics and events. Developers release video slots with a thematic design, which is dedicated to significant holidays, sports competitions, movies and so on.

Bonuses in Classic and Video Slots

Bonus features are also more common in the video slots than in the classic ones and most of them are not used in the classic type. These include wild symbols and scatter symbols, which always make the game more interesting and profitable than otherwise. But you also have the opportunity to make the maximum bet on each spin of the reels in order to win as much money as possible in the video slot. Classic games have never been designed with this in mind, so they leave most players unsatisfied.

What Are Video Slots?

As new computer technologies have emerged, slot machines have moved from mechanical designs to electronic ones. Software capabilities made it possible to abandon bulky devices with a lever and physical drums and switch to digital developments. With their help, it was possible to realize more gaming possibilities:

  • increase the variability of combinations due to more symbols on the reels;
  • provide a larger number of lines or abandon them altogether, replacing them with ways of forming prize combinations;
  • use new options on slots: bonus games on the secondary screen, bonus features on the main screen, and so on;
  • use 3D graphics.

Otherwise, video slot machine games are no different from classic slot machines. The rules and principles of the game are completely preserved. The user’s task has also not changed: during the spins, you need to collect prize combinations to get a reward.

History of Slot Machine Video

Slot machines as a form of entertainment appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. Initially, these were mechanical slot machines. The drums were set in motion by pressing a lever. Gaming sessions on such devices did not last long, because they required physical effort.

With the advent of the microprocessor, it turned out to make the game easier and longer. The drums were replaced with virtual analogs created using the program. The absence of a physical symbol carrier allowed increasing the number of images in each reel. In addition, there are technical opportunities for the introduction of bonus features. 

What Kind of Free Video Slots Are Out There?

The rejection of physical reels allowed developers to implement different ideas when creating slot machines. Slots may differ in appearance and functionality while maintaining the basic principle of the game – the formation of combinations.

The lists of slot machines on online platforms include:

  • Three-drum slots;
  • Slot machines with five reels;
  • Devices that involve six or seven reels;
  • Slots with nine reels;
  • The number of prize lines also differs. Their number ranges from 1 to 100.

Among other things, slots are distinguished by bonuses. Some slot machines offer a classic set of additional features: free spins, risk games, bonus rounds. Others expand the range of options, replenishing them with free spins, prize functions on the main screen and progressive jackpots.

How to Play Free Slots Video

It’s easy to play video slots. Even a beginner who has never played before will master the rules. All that is required for a gaming session is:

  • set a bet;
  • set the number of paylines;
  • choose the game mode: automatic or by pressing the spin start button;
  • collect combinations.

On most slots, combinations are formed from identical symbols arranged sequentially from the leftmost reel to the right. Some combinations of symbols activate prize options:

  • replacement of missing pictures in the sequence;
  • launch of free spins or respins;
  • opening the built-in mini-game.

Which Video Slot Is Better to Play

A large number of free video slots can confuse an inexperienced player. How to choose a good video slot? There is no definite answer to this question, but it is better to play the slot that you liked the most.

Earning on Video Slots

An important question that interests all lovers of slot machines is how to make money on them?

It should be understood that playing slot machines do not guarantee any stable earnings at all. This is more a form of entertainment than a type of earnings. But as a hobby, it is quite suitable. The main thing is to follow a few simple rules and then playing video slots will not bring disappointment.

It is worth choosing machines with the maximum theoretical profitability (RTP).

The more features the machine has, the better (free spins, doubles, bonuses).

Choosing a slot machine for the game, you need to pay attention to the developer. A well-known manufacturer guarantees quality, but a little-known one does not.

It is better to start the game with small bets in order to adapt to the mechanics of the slot and not drain all the money in case of an unsuccessful game.


Free video slot games are a new level of slot machines. The transition to software allowed us to diversify the gameplay and create unique games with non-standard mechanics.

Video Slots | FAQ

Are video slots random?

Video slots have a random number generator, or RNG, to guarantee randomness. Gaming regulators check slot machines.

Which game providers create video slots?

Almost all gaming studios are engaged in the creation of video slots, as this is a classic form of gambling entertainment. Moreover, most of the portfolio of providers usually consists of this type of game. Among the most prolific video slots providers, we note Microgaming, Push Gaming, NetEnt and etc.

Is it possible to play video slots for free?

Yes, you can. Most online casinos offer the opportunity to play video slots in the demo version, where you can try out the game mechanics without any expenses.

What types of video slots are there?

There are many varieties of video slots: from those that resemble classic slot machines to modern slots that are more like computer shooters, arcades, strategies or simulators. There are also video slots with a cumulative or fixed jackpot. Slots also differ in the theme of the game.