Updated on October, 2023

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The Best Free Spins Online Casino Offers

When a casino player enters an online casino for the first time, the first welcoming gift the casino offers usually includes free spins. This is the most common way to promote the casino and invite new players. Free spins allow players to win real cash and try out new slot machines for free! No wonder free spins at online casinos are so crazily popular.

However, newbies often need to learn what free spins are, how they work, and how one can withdraw the winnings after using them. This is what players can find in this article. It will explain all about free spins at online casinos, from the way of using them to the nuances and specifics of this bonus-awarding system. Also, it will help to clarify what types of free spins exist, what makes them distinct, and how to claim them.

Free Spins at Online Casinos: What Are They?

Those who only start their way as online casino players often don’t know the basic terms used in this sphere. It often leads to misunderstanding of the online casino functions and specifics of using it. As a result, players may become disappointed or even think they have been cheated! So let’s figure this out.

Upon entering an online casino for the first time, a player is typically offered a certain number of free spins. This is a traditional welcoming bonus or gift for newbies to make them start playing and exploring the offers the casino has.  However, the number of spins is usually limited and is indicated at once.

The good thing about free spins bonuses is that they help new players to explore all the perks the casino offers. Plus, free spins allow newbies to win real prizes without putting their own real money at risk!

There are different rules regarding free spins, depending on each particular online casino. However, they are often awarded not only to the new players but to the existing gamers as well! For example, an experienced player may be awarded a free spin bonus for outstanding achievements, or the certain score one gets.

This is why one should always check these nuances in advance to be aware of how it works with free spins in a particular casino. Like that, all the nuances and rules will be clear at once.

What Is the Point in Offering Free Spins at Casino?

As a casino player, one might be curious about the reason why top online casinos would offer their new clients free spins. This seems unreasonable since the casino loses the chance to win more money! However, offering free spins bonuses does make sense.

See, such bonuses are usually offered to attract and draw in new players. For this purpose, many online free spin casinos have various signup promotions where they give away all kinds of perks to their players.

Since free spins allow casino players to try their luck without risking real money, they are extremely popular among gamers. The smartest ones even manage to start a bankroll by using free spins! However, one should note that starting a bankroll with free spins is not easy, and they don’t give any guarantees for success!

What Types of Free Spins Slots Bonuses Do Casinos Offer?

Surprisingly, free spins come in many variations! This is why all newbie players should be informed about each type in advance. It will enable them to choose the right free spins bonus. Below, there is a detailed description of several best free spins with no deposit bonuses.

  • Free Spins Deposit Bonuses

Bonus free spin belongs to the most popular and widely used type of promotion. This welcoming gift allows the newbies to see how good they are at gaming and even win some decent prizes!

However, it is essential to remember that the number of free spins is always limited! The exact number of spins differs from one casino to another, so always check this out with the casino site before starting any game!

  • No Deposit Free Spins

This type of free spin requires no deposit from a player, so there is no risk with one’s own real money. Also, they typically have no wagering requirements. No wonder that no-deposit free spins are the most popular kind of casino welcome gift among gamers!

In most casinos, there is only a minimum deposit a player should make to be able to cash out. However, there are casinos that offer free spins and no-deposit promotions. It means players can withdraw the winnings without any requirements. All they need is a player account and a withdrawal tool to get the winnings.

  • Free Cash Gifts

This is another type of welcoming gift that is pretty popular in online casinos. This is how it works: when a new player signs up for the first time, a casino gives them a small amount of free cash. Players can use this money welcome gift to try out different free spin casino slot games. Technically, free cash can’t be considered a free spin bonus. Nevertheless, a player can still test the games without risking real money.

  • Free Spin Casino Promotions

New players often think that bonuses end after they sign up with the casino. However, the truth is that most online free spin casinos offer a wide selection of promotions for existing members as well!

Of course, these offers will vary from one casino to another. Some casino sites tend to change their offers regularly, while others prefer to offer the same set of promotions without any changes in it.

  • Free Spin Prizes

Sometimes, an online casino free spins can be given out. It mostly happens when a new player enrolls in a Loyalty program or VIP program of the casino. In this case, free spin offers can be given to them as one of the casino’s welcoming perks.

This information will help players to get a clear idea of free spin offers and the principle of their work. Being aware of what they are and how they work, why they are awarded, and why casinos have such a welcoming prize, gamers will feel more confident when entering a casino for the first time.

What Can Players Win with Online Casino Free Spins?

There is a common belief that playing with free spins doesn’t give players a chance to win real money prizes. However, thinking like that is a mistake. Even free spins with no deposit often come with cash prizes! In fact, with free spins, one has equal chances to win with anyone else playing with real money. After all, it is a common practice when people play slot games that offer free spin with no deposit and win real money.

Using the Advantage of Free Spins No Deposit

Experienced online casino players always know how important it is not to lose the chance to use their free spins! This is why they do their best to use all the free spins to learn more about the principles of the casino work. In particular, with the help of free spins, players can learn how to play this or that game and explore all the nuances it has. It will give them more chances to win this game later!

This is why understanding what to look for when choosing a free spins bonus is so important. It will enable a player to get all the best from using free spins. This is why always double-check the Terms & Conditions section of an online casino and learn about any wagering requirements and time limits present.

How to Claim Free Spins Bonuses?

When players just enroll in an online casino, they often don’t know exactly what steps to take to claim their free spin bonuses. But there is nothing to worry about! In fact, it is really easy to claim free spins bonuses no matter what online casino one is playing.

The procedure of bonus claiming is very easy:

  • Choose a casino that offers free spins as a welcoming gift.
  • Create a new account, providing all the necessary information.
  • Log in.
  • After that, there will be bonus spins credited.
  • Now free spins should be already available.

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing Free Spin Casino Offers

Even if a player is aware of the basic principles of free spin functioning and knows about the purples of free spins and their types, there are still some things one should always keep in mind when reviewing free spin bonuses:

  • Ensure the site that’s providing the free spins bonus is reliable and secure.
  • Stick to free spin bonuses that have clear and reasonable wagering requirements.
  • If a casino offers a free spin bonus on a high-volatility slot game, make sure to claim it. Such slots will usually award bigger wins.
  • A casino should offer its players enough time to enjoy free spins. Opt for offers that last from a few days up to a week.
  • If the budget allows, try out different offers on different casinos to see where they are better.
  • Avoid using free spin offers, which come from casinos that can confiscate one’s prize after winning real money.
  • Avoid playing at free spin casinos that have long cash-out times. The cash-out time should not last for weeks!

How Casinos with Free Spins Bonuses Are Rated

To ensure a casino is safe to use by the players, it should undergo a multi-layer check. This procedure allows selecting only the gaming sites that guarantee personal data safety and transaction security for their visitors. This is what is taken into account when an online casino is being checked for reliability.

  • Background and security checks

This step is needed to ensure that every online casino site is properly regulated by a reputable external organization. Like that, all players will have fair and equal chances of winning, and there will be no cheating.

Also, during this step of safety check, it is ensured that all data shared with the casino site is properly encrypted. In addition, a background of the casino’s site is checked to see whether their history has anything to be concerned about.

  • Checks of money depositing and bonus claiming

The next step of the security check includes seeing how fast and easy the transactions are. Additionally, a casino’s website is checked for the presence of different banking methods. Like this, a player will be able to use various tools for depositing and withdrawals. Finally, the casino’s site is checked for bonus claiming procedures and wagering requirements.

  • Testing of games and withdrawals

At this stage of check, the games are tested for quality, both free and those that use real money. Games are checked on the desktop and mobile versions of the casino site. This step allows seeing how wide a variety of games is a casino site offers. Also, the quality of the games is tested. Like that, players will be able to enjoy multiple gaming offers with a decent design and exciting effects!

Finally, a withdrawal procedure is also tested to see how fast it is. It is essential that casino sites offer fast payouts, charging no money for withdrawing. There should also be no complications during the withdrawal procedure. Their customer support must also be responsive and helpful.

  • Casino rating

Once a casino has gone through all these steps of the check, a final decision is made on it. It will then be assigned an overall score, and if it’s good enough, it will join the list of recommended casinos. In case it’s a poor site, it will be added to the list of sites players should avoid.

Now one can better see how casinos with free spins and no deposits are selected to provide players with only the best gaming offers. Now it’s clear what free spins are, how and for what purpose they are used, and why casinos offer them to their new players. Also, this article provided players with more information on certain nuances that should be taken into consideration when choosing free spin offers online. With that in mind, it will be easier to avoid making common mistakes or being cheated by unfair casino sites!

Finally, this article also provides a detailed casino rating procedure explanation. Being aware of this process in detail, players will know exactly what steps of check each casino site goes through to ensure its visitors will be offered only the best games and the most quality (and fastest!) withdrawal tools. With all this information in mind, casino players will feel more confident about the process of entering the gaming world, and experienced gamers will have an opportunity to refresh their knowledge regarding some nuances of free spins usage.


Is it possible to win real money with free spin casinos?

Yes, it is. With the top free spins offers for 2023, each player will get the chance to win real money and keep all the winnings too.

Is it possible to claim free spins offers on mobile?

Absolutely. Nowadays, most online casinos are mobile-optimized, so any bonuses can be claimed from any device. In addition to that, it is also possible to play bonus spins from one’s mobile phone too.

What deposit methods can be used to claim free spins?

Free spins casinos offer their players a wide range of deposit methods available to use, including credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, and e-wallets like PayPal.

Are free spins really free?

One will either need to make a real money deposit to claim the offer or make a deposit later to be able to play and meet play through requirements. In that sense, free spins aren’t free.

Do free spins always require a bonus code?

In many cases, a special bonus code is required in order to claim free spins. On the other hand, some free spins casinos will not ask for a code. It depends on the particular casino.

Is it safe to play online with free spins?

Yes, it is safe. You just need to make sure the casino itself is safe to use!

Do all casinos offer free spins?

Most of the do since free spins is a good way to attract new players and promote the casino.

Are free spins legal at online casinos?

Absolutely. Using free spins is legal, one should just ensure the casino itself is trustworthy and reliable.