FundSend Online Casino Deposit Service Overview

FundSend is an online payment service that is as easy to use as a credit card and as safe and secure as an e-wallet. This service allows online casino players to transfer money from their accounts to another member. For residents of eligible countries, depositing funds through FundSend is instant!

In particular, FundSend depositing tool can be used by the residents of the following countries:

  1. Brazil
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Finland
  5. Spain
  6. Denmark
  7. Norway
  8. Germany
  9. Sweden
  10. United Kingdom
Updated on December, 2023

Casinos with FundSend Deposit Method in United States

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How Depositing with FundSend Works

The good thing about the FundSend deposit method is that it is very easy to use, even for those who have never used such payment and depositing tools before. A player needs to complete several easy steps:

  • Provide their online gambling operator’s FundSend ID to enable funds transfer.
  • Pay fees. One can always see how much to pay since the fees are always shown in advance.
  • Provide their personal and bank card details and click on “send fund now.”
  • After the gamer’s card is debited, there will be a notification about the funds being transferred.

Before submitting registration and ID documentation, a player can spend up to 5000 Euros.

FundSend Pros and Cons

Like any deposit online casino option, FundSend has specific benefits and downsides. Check out what exactly this online deposit tool comes with to be ready in advance. This will help any player decide whether to use this deposit method or not.

Pros of using FundSend:

  • During registration, there is no need for extreme verification.
  • Players from any eligible country can start depositing immediately.
  • FundSend features an extra layer of security.
  • All the operations are fast and usually take only a few minutes.
  • There are many FundSend online casinos, so one can easily find the one that comes with the best terms and conditions of use.
  • Minimum commission.

However, FundSend also has certain disadvantages:

  • This deposit method is only available for players that are residents of a few listed countries only.
  • Those who are not residents of the listed countries have to either pay with credit cards directly or try another payment method.
  • As a complete wallet solution, FundSend is not a good option since it only processes payments through credit cards and sends them to the bank.

FundSend Casino Bonuses

Besides the convenient deposit method, FundSend online casinos offer their users additional rewards. For example, new players are offered either a bonus on their first deposit or the opportunity to make free spins.

There are also bonuses for active users, which is quite uncommon for most online casinos. But in FundSend online casinos, active gamblers may have access to special cash rewards or the opportunity to make free spins.

Also, players can get cashback when using FundSend in online casinos. However, sometimes this cashback can be valid only for the bonus account. It means that a player can spend the extra funds for new bets on matches available in the casino. This is why ensure to use all of the bonus options! This will lower personal costs and increase income.

In general, FundSend online casino deposit method is a trustworthy money transfer tool that even new players can safely use. It is easy to work with, and it offers plenty of nice benefits. However, specific downsides are also present, but they are not much severe.


Are there FundSend casinos for real money?

Yes, there are. Finding real money FundSend casinos nowadays is not difficult.

Is it possible to use FundSend in online casinos via mobile apps?

Yes, one can do that. Nowadays, most companies provide their own mobile apps available for different operating systems.

Do live casinos that accept FundSend exist?

Yes, they do! Gamers can easily to find online casinos that accept FundSend and offer the game in live mode.

How to withdraw from FundSend Casinos?

In online casinos that accept FundSend, open the personal account, click on the payment system, and specify the desired amount to withdraw. If everything is ok, the funds will be credited to the provided details.