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Free Roulette Game and Its Variations

Gamblers who want to play for fun from their mobile phones with no download required can try playing roulette games today. This means that you will experience the thrills that accompany every free casino adventure without taking a risk with real money. A game that can be played on your phone is great for players that wish to have some action with both traditional games and roulette variations.

We present the gamblers with a guide that will help them play roulette game online and have a deeper understanding of the casino strategies. You can start with a free version of the game to gain experience. This has to be the most effective solution for players that are not ready to make a deposit ahead of time. If you are not a fan of paying upfront and would like to enjoy the game with no real money involved, you can place bets that won’t burn holes in your pockets.

Free Online Roulette Strategies

Here are some of the most common free online roulette strategies that will aid you in landing a winning combination:

  • Trying games for free. Free online roulette games are a wonderful start for anyone who hasn’t fully understood the basic mechanisms of online betting. These games do not charge gamblers for testing different sorts of variations, so you won’t be spending money as you enjoy roulette games for fun. However, players need to remember that they are not winning any cash either.
  • Being aware of the variants. Online roulette games are famous for having a high house edge or high casino advantage. A house edge is also known as the product of the game and cannot be escaped no matter how well you play. Each roulette variation that you will come across can have an individual house edge that differs based on the game. Players who are determined to win the game need to choose European roulette as an introduction to the world of gambling.
  • Playing outside bets. Outside bets are great for beginner players as they start to play roulette for fun. They will land you a win instantaneously, so if you are new to the concept, this will be your chance. Outside bets have the capacity to cover large spaces on the wheel. When it comes to most outside bets, however, the chances of being paid well are really low.
  • Testing the en prison rule. This is the rule that the players can use to their advantage in the course of the game. The en prison rule in roulette online means that you can get your money back in case the ball lands on zero. However, you need to place a bet with 50/50 odds for this combination to work successfully. Otherwise, the en prison rule is a great way to make the most of the game and enjoy roulette online without effort.

How to Play Roulette Online with Various Game Variations

Even if you are the kind of the player that will only play online roulette for free, you will still be rewarded with a few surprising game variations in the process. Here are the games that will catch the attention of the players regardless of their level of expertise and experience:

  • European roulette. European roulette is great for placing bets. It has good odds and doesn’t feature an extra double zero. The presence of extra double zero automatically boosts the level of the house edge and makes it reach 5.3%. If the players are free to choose between roulettes, European roulette is a preferable option in most cases.
  • American roulette. American roulette can be accessed almost anywhere in the world, but it also has a catch. With the double zero being present at all times, gamblers have fewer chances of winning as the house edge goes higher and is used to the advantage of the casino.
  • French roulette. French roulette features only one zero on the spinning wheel, but it’s not as simple as European roulette. There are two rules that you need to follow. The first one, La Partage, makes you lose only half of the bet. The second rule is the En Prison rule, which means that the game locks inside bets as soon as the ball finds itself on zero. The bet stands the same until the next spin, so you can get out of jail for free. If you lose, the entire wager is wasted. This is the reason most gamblers that play online roulette prefer the European version of the game.
  • Mini roulette. Mini roulette has a wheel that can only reach 12 with a single zero. If the ball is on the zero mark, half the bets are returned to the player. The only difference between standard roulettes and the following roulette is the compact wheel size. If you consider this once you decide to play roulette online, it will be a piece of cake for you to win.
  • Multi Ball roulette. Multi Ball has 10 balls that can be in action simultaneously. The number of the balls directs the course of the game and affects the odds. The odds can be increased since only one ball can land in a single pocket. This allows the players to predict the result of the game and make the correct moves.
  • Live Dealer roulette. This game combines the fun side of gambling with the pleasure of talking with a croupier. The players get a chance to interact with the dealer that can provide them with a detailed response. It is a great way to spend time online imagining that the roulette session takes place in a real casino. The presence of dealers means that the game is played with cash.
  • Multi Wheel roulette. Multi wheel roulette is the roulette that has 8 wheels that spin at the same speed. The bets that are placed can be increased on all wheels. As you play free roulette, the wheels become similar to the ones that are displayed on European roulette, with the single zero presented to players to give them more chances of winning.

Playing Online Roulette: Inside and Outside Bets

When you are playing online roulette, you can start with a free version of the game. This has to be the most effective solution for players that are not ready to make a deposit ahead of time. If you are not a fan of paying upfront and would like to enjoy the game with no real money involved, you can place bets that won’t be too high.

If you are ready to switch free roulette games for the ones that demand an investment, free roulettes will prepare you for the experience that involves cash. You will also spin the wheels in the most well-known online casinos with inside and outside bets to back you up. However, you should know the difference between the two to make sure the game runs smoothly:

  • Inside bet. Inside bet is a bet where the gamblers place chips on separate numbers that they can find inside free online roulette. Because the focus is put on separate numbers, the odds of winning are lessened considerably. However, despite the higher risk that is involved in the inside bet, the payout usually turns out to be impressive. Putting the chips on a number is also known as a straight bet. This type of bet can be paid out at the rate of 35:1 in European roulette.
  • Outside bet. Outside bet is a bet where the players locate chips outside of roulette. A similar type of bet may boost your chances of landing a win, but the payout will turn out significantly smaller compared to the one from the inside bet. The players can select the bet based on the individual groups of numbers, including 1-18 or 19-36. There is also an option of betting on black and red numbers as well as odd and even numbers in online roulette.

Tips on How to Win Free Roulette Online

There are many ways you can win free roulette as you play online. Some of these are:

  • Knowing the variants. There is a wide variety of roulette variations. Each game variation has its own specifics and rules combined with game odds and numbers. It is impossible to know every rule and strategy by memory, but understanding the game is essential for getting started as a casino player.
  • Knowing the odds. Roulette games are the ones that have many quirks that you should be aware of. Players will soon find out that placing bets on certain numbers cannot guarantee instant wins in free roulette. This can be an invitation for the gamblers to have a better look at roulette odds before they start playing.
  • Managing the bankroll. If you are wondering about the secrets of a successful online gambling session, we are going to reveal the secret: effective money investment. Do not try to exceed the established amount of money and stop pursuing financial losses that you know you can’t fix.
  • Playing outside bets. If you select outside bets for playing, you have a good chance to win and receive a payout. Surely, the amount of payout won’t be gigantic, but it is an excellent option for a start. As you gain experience in the gambling sphere, you can move on to more complicated combinations and complex bets.
  • Researching combination bets. Players who have made up their minds to try their luck with online roulette might try playing combination bets for a change. These are the bets with the stakes on 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 separate numbers on the wheel. Combination bets are found on the lines that are located between the numbers on the table. You can also find them on the corners with different numbers. Combination bets are riskier than the single ones, but they almost certainly guarantee larger payouts once you start playing.
  • Avoiding roulette guides. Some casinos will present a list that provides the players with guidance on numbers and how to predict them. We can confirm that these options are best to be ignored. Although, they are indeed focused on certain patterns that may potentially be the correct ones, the odds of winning the game do not change regardless of your preparation. Even if you know the numbers that have appeared on the wheel before, there is no guarantee that a similar pattern will emerge in the nearest future.
  • Thinking about the payouts. You have to make sure you understand the odds before you start playing online roulette. Each bet has an individual payout and different odds that depend on the type of roulette. Traditional gaming schemes include the potential bets that start at 1:1. Inside bets will be starting at 6:1 and reaching 35:1 in the process. If you have sufficient knowledge of the odds in the game, you can make the right bets and win real money.
  • Focusing on winning bets. In case you are set on winning no matter what, you should look out for outside bets. For instance, most outside bets are placed on the wheel as opposites. These include red or black numbers combined with odds or even numbers.

Players who have experience with playing roulette know that you can’t rely on roulette guides to help you land a win in roulette game online. Talent is the most reliable assistant in the game of European or American roulette. There is no doubt that it’s great news for anyone who is a newcomer to roulette games: you can become victorious regardless of the years of expertise spent in gambling. However, it can also be a tough call for players that are used to winning all the time.

The secret to making the most of the games lies in the understanding of the game’s mechanisms. While gambling online for the first time, you will come across players that love creating scenarios for their future wins, following trends, and even relying on predictions. However, since the game is based on a random number generating system, it is impossible to cheat or bend the rules of playing roulette online. The strategies that have been described above are mostly used for managing the bankroll and keeping your savings intact.

If you have been playing free online roulette for a while, you know that it is a source of many betting strategies. Some of the gamers are certain that by using one of these strategies, you will get over the house edge and beat the system. Read on to learn more about the betting styles.

Martingale system

Martingale system was created for even bets. If you lose the bet while playing, it can be doubled instantaneously. It is a fairly direct system that does not allow the players to spend their bankroll at once. It is also a system that will encourage you to place larger bets in the future.

Labouchere system

Labouchere system suggests that the gamblers choose the desirable amount of money. They can later edit the desired amount to match their winnings or losses. It is a convenient system since it requires the players to track the progress of the game and diminish the risks that are associated with placing larger bets. It is impossible to cheat using the system, but it will certainly help eliminate dangers that are related to the betting process.

D’Alembert system

D’Alembert system has many similarities with Martingale in the sense that the players are always motivated to double their bet and increase the amount if they are losing the game. This is a strategy for players that do not want to risk much as they play roulette online. It is nearly impossible to lose the entire bankroll by using this system, so it is a safe call for gamblers that play regularly.

Fibonacci system

This is the system based on the sequence that has the same name. The following strategy promises more wins if the players place their bets around the famous Fibonacci sequence. If you are winning the game, you will be transferred to the next number of the sequence. If you lose the game, you have to go back in the sequence by two numbers.

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Roulette FAQ

How can I play roulette for free?

If you play online roulette for free, you place bets on money that’s not real. The system spins the wheel that has a tiny ball inside. The wheel has to stop on a winning number. Before the wheel starts spinning, you are placing the bets on the board number. If the ball stops on a range that has your number, you win the game.

How does online roulette operate?

Online roulette operates in a way that is similar to real-life casinos. However, you will get a number generator installed to indicate where the ball lands. Instead of a live dealer that announces the bets, the players get special software that determines the course of the game. If you are playing free roulette, you are not really winning anything. The advantage of free online games is that you don’t lose anything either. You can play just for fun for hours on end and never worry about your bank account or balance.

What happens if you hit a number in free games?

If you hit a number while playing free roulette online, there is no real win in terms of cash. However, you don’t have to be frustrated about losing real money either because the winning numbers or losses don’t really account for anything in free roulette.

Are free roulette games fixed?

No. Free roulette games online are never fixed or rigged to show a predetermined number. Instead, all the numbers are random. It is natural for some of the players to become nervous if they keep winning in the free online casino. They might think that this is a way for providers to lure them in and give them a fake sense of safety before they start betting cash. However, this is not true. All the casinos recommended by our specialists are safe for gamblers from all over the world to play roulette games.

Can you name the best bet in roulette games?

If you want to have a low house edge while playing, we definitely recommend starting with European roulette. The best bet in roulette games also depends on your idea of winning. If you are a fan of smaller wins that happen regularly, you need to place outside bets that include black or red numbers. If you need a win to blow your mind, you can place inside bets in online casinos.

Can I win in roulette games?

Zeros that can be found on the online roulette wheel mean that the game has a house edge which is designed to favor the casino. It also means that continuous winning is almost impossible in terms of online gambling. However, you can easily win short-term sessions. In this case, the house edge is not that high. The players are also allowed to gamble with lower payouts.

Are there any tips to win roulette?

There are no specific tips or tricks that can guarantee winning a free roulette game because it is based on a random number generator. However, there are tips on how to manage your bankroll and save you from losing real money. For instance, you can choose European roulette as a way to protect yourself. This kind of roulette does not have a layout with double zero, so your chances of winning are significantly higher. We recommend starting with European roulette for all the players who are new to the game.