American Roulette

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American Roulette

Free American Roulette Online: Play and Win

American roulette is one of those games that doesn’t require special presentations. It is not only recognizable but also extremely popular among gamers far and wide. And not for nothing! Due to some exclusive conditions, this type of roulette stands out among others and could bring an unforgettable gaming experience. Read the detailed gameplay review and access this experience in practice!

Facts about Free American Roulette Online

According to history, American roulette is a variation of the traditional game invented in the 17th century by mathematician Blaise Pascal. It sounds unbelievable, but the first version didn’t contain zero. It was added only one century later when the game became extremely popular in Europe. Around the same time, roulette gained popularity in America, where it got the unique feature – double zero. Actually, this feature differentiates American roulette games till now. However, not only! The American version of the gameplay marked a change in the industry. The simplifying bet options made the process faster and more dynamic. This new style is still appreciated by people worldwide, but the most – in Canada and the USA. Interesting fact! Although American roulette has standard rules, the new specific variation of the game was invented in California. Due to Californian law, the only type of legal gambling is the card version. It leads to developing a unique American roulette adaptation that is played with cards on a spinning wheel.

How to Play Free American Roulette

The American roulette practice is easy to cope with. The first step is to find out the basic features. The wheel contains numbers from 1 to 36 as well as single and double zero. Traditionally, the numbers of colors are black and red, while zero colors are green. If the gamers play American roulette online, the features will be the same.

During the game, participants make their bet, trying to guess where the ball thrown by the croupier will land. Once the bets are made, the wheel is spun in one turn while the ball is thrown to another. This logic remains even during online gambling. The only difference is the simulator instead of the croupier. When the ball lands in the particular pocket and the gamer’s prediction has been borne out, the lucky player is able to get the payout. What is interesting, the numbers are placed at cross-purposes. That is why it is much harder to prognosticate the result, and the gambling process became more engaging! Especially when it comes to American roulette online version that allows showing emotions without restraints.

To understand the game rules better, take into account the types of bets and payouts. They will be described below, and now get the small guide on starting playing American roulette online.

  • Choose the game supplier and reputable casino. Playing online allows users to test the products developed by different companies. Although they seem equal, the game conditions could differ. For example, some suppliers provide bonuses for the newcomers. It is essential to look into the market and choose the best
  • Choose the game mode. There are two types of gamblers: those who play American roulette for fun or real money. Both options are available in modern online casinos.
  • Start the game and check out the table. At this step, it is essential to choose the chip value and make a bet while clicking on the particular section.

Note! It is allowed to put several chips in one section. The number of chips depends on the type of the bet. The most profitable ones require the smallest bets.

  • Spin the wheel. The main advantage of online American roulette is that the start of spinning is under gamers’ control. To get the wheel spinning, use the special button.
  • Get the win. The results are processed automatically and will be shown on the screen.

Type of the Bets

Generally, American roulette provides two types of bets: outside and inside bets. The difference between them is that outside bets imply larger groups of numbers. Also, every type has its specific. Let’s review it!

Inside Bets

Straight-up bet

This type is placed on a single number, including zero, and has a payout of 35 to1.

Split bet

This type is placed on the line between adjacent numbers. Placing the chip on the line between single and double zero is allowed. The payout: 17 to 1.

Street bet

This bet is placed at the line at the end of the row. The payout: 11 to 1.

Corner bet

This bet features four numbers and is placed in the place where they are connected. The payout: 8 to 1

Five bet

It is placed at the corner between 0 and 1 featuring five numbers: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3. The payout: 6 to 1.

Line bet

It features six numbers on the two rows (3 numbers are featured at each row) and is placed between rows.

Outside bets

Column bet

It features the numbers in the column and is placed in the box at the end of the column. The payout: 2 to 1.

Dozen bet

It features a group of 12 numbers and should be placed in one of 3 boxes. The payout: 2 to 1.

Bet on color

The bet features all red or black numbers according to the gambler’s choice. The payout: 1 to 1.

Bet on odd/ even

This bet features all odd or even numbers according to the gamer’s choice. The payout: 1 to 1.

Bet on low/high

According to the gamer’s choice, this bet features all low (up to 19) and high (from 19 and higher) numbers. The payout: 1 to 1.

American Roulette Online Payouts

The American roulette payouts depend on the type of bet and the player’s odds. The chances to win usually vary from 2,6% up to 47,4%! To build the right gambling strategy, take into account the payout table.

One of the most topical questions is about bets placed on single or doubled zero. Gamers should understand that choosing this type of bet is quite a risky step, but it may bring a thrilling payout. Although, when it comes to comparing different types of roulettes, the double zero option makes the American roulette unique. Actually, some gamers choose this type of gameplay only because of this reason. Therefore, zero and double zero bets are at least worth trying!

Top Strategy Tips

Some beneficial tips will help play American roulette successfully. Get them to the point!

  1. Get the feel of the game. It is a good idea to test the gameplay in comfortable conditions to see what is what. On this occasion, even those who prefer land-based casinos often play free American roulette Playing online is an excellent opportunity to learn in practice how outside and inside bets work.
  2. Test out the low-risk strategy. This strategy is used to minimize the risk of failures but is also characterized by small rewards. The simplest way is to prefer outside payouts to inside ones. However, some gamers use a more brilliant technique that is based on Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonacci system implies that every following number is a sum of two numbers before: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on. According to the strategy, the stake should be equal to the Fibonacci number. For example, the player could bet 1$ twice, then 2$ and 3$. Once the player wins a particular sum, he always gets a small profit. Then he should make a next wager less than payout and continue keeping the strategy. While playing American roulette online for real money, this strategy is one of the safest.
  3. Divide the total wager. As an experiment, the full wage could be divided into several types of bets. The James Bond strategy works this way. According to this approach, the total stake is used for a high-number bet, six-line bet, and zero. It is essential to keep the proportions while playing free American roulette online or offline. The highest percentage of the stake should be used for the high-number bet, the lowest – for zero. The example of the 200$ allocation is 140$ for a high-numbered bet, 50$ for a six-line bet, and 10 for zero. The logic of this strategy is based on the statement that the privileged part of the stake is used with low risks. At the same time, the American roulette gamer could get a high reward with zero.

Differences between European and American Roulette

Some players may ask themselves what the difference between American roulette and European variation is. The answer is simple. American roulette has double zero. As a result, it allows getting good rewards more often. However, the House edge is also higher. Due to this fact, some gamers avoid American gameplay. And they are not right! Despite the high House edge, free American roulette is characterized by high RTP (a percentage of the total stake that will be returned to the player during the long game), so that every round could be very profitable. Instead of American roulette, the European ones are well-known for the lower House edge. The French variation also attracts the player with a bonus option connected with zero. In other words, both European and American roulette has pros and cons. And both are worth trying!

American Roulette Online Casino: How to Choose

To feel the game atmosphere here and now, the gambler should choose the American roulette online casino. The good platform will ensure safe and comfortable gameplay and provide the participants with bonuses.

To choose the best casino, take into account:

  • The better they are, the more chances to get quality service.
  • The bonus options. It is better to assess the quality of bonuses rather than their quantity. For example, sign-in discounts won’t be attractive for those who prefer playing without registration.
  • Safety policy. The reputable resources put a lot of effort into protecting their visitors from personal information and financial stealing. It is a good idea to find out whether the chosen casino follows this strategy.

We Have Selected Top-Rated Casinos in United States for You

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American Roulette FAQ

Why should I play a game in American Roulette that has a higher House edge than others?

The American roulette has a basic 5,26% House edge, but its RTP is over 94%. Also, this game doesn’t seem less profitable than others because of an extra chance to get a considerable reward provided by double zero. If it didn’t, gamers all over the world would ignore the American style of gambling. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened and American roulette still has as many fans as several centuries before. 

If I play free American roulette online, can I win real money?

Yes, it is possible in most countries. However, the good idea is to start with a demo version or play just for fun for the first time. It will help to develop the winning strategy.

Can I play American Roulette with a Smartphone?

Yes, most casinos provide mobile versions and allow gamers to play American roulette with a Smartphone or tablet. However, it is essential to consider the quality of the graphics. While playing on some Smartphones, it may be poorer than on the PC. Also, players should be sure of their Internet connection.

What can I do to win more often playing American Roulette?

There is no proven method because the game is absolutely random. Even with the most innovative strategy, there will be a chance to fail. And vice versa! Even people without any gambling experience could get a fantastic payout! On the other hand, while choosing the low-payout bets, the possibility to win is higher. So, the right approach is to select the bets properly and play as many rounds as possible.