DotPay Casino Depositing

DotPay is an online payment and transfer system founded in 2001, that now accepts payments throughout Poland and the EU. Over the years, DotPay has earned the trust of companies that trust their payments, including online casinos. The DotPay team stands over the security of user data and constantly upgrades the payment and transfer system.

Features of DotPay:

  • Additional processing of payments through a separate payment gateway provides additional protection for transactions.
  • Payment processing is automatic, without the participation of personnel.
  • The possibility of a quick refund, in case of an erroneous payment in DotPay.

Even while this is among the better ways available at the moment, it does have one major disadvantage. It is mainly available to Polish players.

It is also vital to note that you will be unable to access this service until you create an account. Registering a DotPay account takes only a few minutes. The list of private details that you must supply to DotPay is pretty large. They do not, however, request something extraordinary, the same as casino sites.

Note that there is a fee for every DotPay transaction. Wire transfers have a 3.9% fee. DotPay also charges PLN 10 to activate your account.

Updated on December, 2023

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Deposit via DotPay

The most frequent transaction performed with DotPay is a deposit. However, before proceeding, the client must ensure that a specific site allows identical procedures. That is why it is better to view the terms and conditions section to find out if the casino allows DotPay. After that, the player can navigate to the checkout page and choose the DotPay option to deposit.

You will then be taken to the DotPay page. Depositing with this payment gateway can be done by one of several options. You can deposit using a standard credit card. DotPay system allows you to use a conventional internet banking payment or casino account can be funded via a mobile phone. Moreover, DotPay offers to make online payments with cash. When you choose cash payment, you will be sent a QR code. You can use this code at any of the authorized retailers.


How much time is required to process my DotPay deposit?

DotPay deposits are processed within 5 minutes. In most instances, your money will be delivered to the address you specified instantly.

Can I use DotPay for making deposits from any location?

If you are a Polish resident who has opened a DotPay account using Polish information and data, you will be able to use the DotPay payment service without issue while traveling overseas.

Are there any DotPay deposit limits?

Deposit restrictions are primarily determined by the casino website. This information is available at the checkout of the deposit process, and in the terms and conditions.