DineroMail Casino Depositing

Residents of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Latin America widely use the service called DineroMail, which is a subsidiary of the well-known company PayUGroupe. The service changed its name several times – often it all depends on the country where it is used. So, at present, in Argentina, the DineroMail payment system is called PayU Latham, and in other countries, it continues to be called the old way.

Basic Information

The DineroMail service as an electronic payment system originated in America. This system is still relatively young; it boasts only 5 years of experience in making transactions using the Latin American platform. The activity carried out by DineroMail is licensed, and the system is controlled by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. The offices of an independent auditing company that regularly tests the quality of DineroMail services are located in New York and London. The system is not limited only to providing the possibility of transactions with money.

Updated on July, 2024

Casinos with DineroMail Deposit Method in United States

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Features of DineroMail Service

In order to become a client of the DineroMail system, it is worth opening an account with partner financial institutions. Having an account in the relevant bank, the user, choosing the DineroMail service, will be able to carry out instant transactions.

To assess the quality of services of the DineroMail payment system it is enough to be the holder of any electronic card – whether it is a credit or debit card. By preferring classic payment options such as bank transfer and cash payment, the recommended system can also be used. The main advantage of the DineroMail payment method is that the transaction details do not need to be provided every time, having made the transfer of funds once.

For transactions, the system employs 128-bit SSL encryption. A secure and widely used solution in significant financial institutions such as banks. As a result, clients can and should have confidence in that organization.

Depositing with DineroMail

There are 4 different options to use DineroMail to replenish your casino account. You just need to check out which choices are offered in your country and begin the depositing procedure.

If you wish to make a cash payment, you must go to a merchant that accepts deposits made in this way. A receipt with a barcode should be produced and presented, which will accept the cash and initiate the transfer. 

A wire transfer, in contrast, necessitates the depositor providing his bank account information, and then after that, you will be sent to an online banking website from your main account or one of the regional banks in order to complete the payment.

If you want to pay with a credit or debit card, you’ll need to submit a form with the standard information, such as the card’s brand, expiration date, and CVV2 number.

The last choice is the eWallet, and if you choose it, you must first create a free account on the website. Of course, like any other sign-up process, you’ll have to submit some personal information, and you’ll also be required to fund the eWallet.

So you can send cash to your casino gaming account with all of the described ways on the checkout page, simply choosing the DineroMail logo from the deposit options list. Whatever option you select, you’ll realize that they’re all fast transactions, so you can begin playing immediately as the transaction is done. Moreover, all operations are available for free. Withdrawals are also allowed via this method.


Are there any limits for depositing into the casino with DineroMail?

Each casino usually set its own restrictions for the limit amount for depositing but the minimum that you can deposit via DineroMail is $25.

How fast will DineroMail deposit be processed in the casino?

DineroMail deposits are not as instant as you may want. It can take up to 3 days.

How many fees will I be charged for using DineroMail in the casino?

When using DineroMail to conduct casino operations, you may be charged a high fee. DineroMail may charge you up to 15% of the amount you intend to deposit.