Online Casinos That Accept Lobanet These Days

Lobanet has become known as a payment system that enables fast, secure, and trusted transactions. Thanks to the partnership with more than 40 banks across the world, it can be used when buying things online, including making deposits at casino sites. Its target audience is located in Latin America, although Lobanet can be used in continents as well. Due to its overall convenience, it is often used in the gambling industry.

Updated on May, 2024

Casinos with Lobanet Deposit Method in United States

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What Stands behind Lobanet Casinos?

Lobanet, which stands for Local Banking Network, is an online payment method used for making direct deposits from a player’s bank account to a casino balance. Being a middleman service, it doesn’t force players to share financial details directly with the gambling site. The cooperation with multiple banks, Lobanet can keep online payments as fast and safe as possible. No wonder it is becoming a more and more popular choice among online casinos.

Players use Lobanet for its accessibility and flexibility. There are even more reasons to consider.

  • Convenience: Players registered with one of the accepted banks don’t have to register an account with Lobanet.
  • Speedy transactions: The average transaction is processed instantly. In rare cases, it may take a few hours to be completed.
  • Security: Safety of Lobanet transactions is guaranteed. Users don’t have to specify any personal information to third-party sites.
  • Excellent customer support: The customer support department is qualified enough to deal with the most difficult queries.

Depositing Money Using Lobanet

Lobanet has become a gateway, which means that no bank information is required for making a deposit. For casino sites that accept Lobanet deposits, funds are transferred by selecting Lobanet as the payment method. Here are some more details:

  • Log into an online casino that accepts Lobanet. Visit the banking section, and select Lobanet as the preferred deposit method.
  • Enter the amount to be deposited. Remember to stay within the limits.
  • Confirm a deposit payment after being redirected to an online banking login page.
  • Log in to a bank account and confirm a transaction. Going through a final security procedure (entering a password or a one-time passcode) is required.

Making Withdrawals Using Lobanet

Players can make deposits using Lobanet with ease. But they can’t withdraw their winnings this way. So when making wins in the casino, it’s necessary to get an alternative means to cash out. Online casinos usually offer at least several alternative withdrawal methods to choose from.

Safety and Security of Lobanet

Lobanet doesn’t share much information about its safety measures. Nevertheless, it has proved its legitimacy through cooperation with top banks. Thus, users don’t even have to provide their bank card details to complete a transaction. Everything can be done automatically using a registered bank account. So risks of fraudulent activities are super low.


Do players need to create an account with Lobanet?

No, they don’t. Players don’t have to create an account to make a payment. They just need to have an account with an accepted bank.

Which currencies are supported by Lobanet casinos?

Lobanet supports mainly the currencies from Latin American countries. These include MXN, BRL, ARS, UYU, etc. The major international currencies such as USD and EUR can also be used there.

Are there any bonuses at Lobanet casinos?

Yes, there are. Similar to other gambling sites, Lobanet casinos have a standard system of bonuses. These may include welcome offers, daily specials, and loyalty rewards.

Does Lobanet charge any fees for depositing money?

No, it doesn’t. Lobanet doesn’t impose any fees on users. However, casino sites may try to do it by charging users for each transaction.