Citadel Instant Banking for Depositing Money at Online Casinos

In reality, Citadel, formally known as Citadel Commerce Corp, is a division of Paramount Commerce, a publicly traded firm with its headquarters in Canada. As of the time of this writing, this company supports the largest network of 200 banks in the world, which is distributed over 26 different countries, using the local internet banking environment of the customer. Customers can therefore access its services from a variety of countries, including Japan, Australia, Estonia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Updated on June, 2024

Casinos with Citadel Instant Banking Deposit Method in United States

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Making Deposits at Online Casinos

All you have to do is sign into your online casino account if you have a bank account that Citadel supports. Players must visit the cashier page after logging in and select Citadel as their preferred payment option. Following that, a drop-down menu with a list of banks that Citadel supports will display.

Players must first log in to their online bank account before they can confirm the transfer amount.

Fees for Citadel Banking Deposits

Processing costs are not exclusive to Citadel Banking. The charges incurred by each bank when a player withdraws money from their account typically account for any fees. Likewise, there are costs associated with converting money between different currencies, which range from bank to bank.

The typical wait time for a Citadel banking user to receive money is 1 to 3 business days. Players are also urged to take into account each casino’s processing period, which can range from a few hours to two days.

Is Mobile Version Available?

Citadel makes this feasible by enabling payments from desktop and laptop computers running Mac OS X as well as from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. To utilize the payment service while on the go, your smartphone does not need to have any installed apps.

Since you must reach the casino’s Cashier from your mobile device, click on Citadel’s logo, and follow the same procedures as when making a deposit on a desktop computer. The process is actually very similar. Since there isn’t a specific app available right now that you can download, utilizing Citadel as a casino payment option is even more convenient because you won’t have to waste time looking for one.

Bonuses at Casinos Using Citadel Banking

A lot of online casinos employ exclusive bonuses to draw in new customers. These bonus programs all differ in terms of their attractiveness and are developed specifically to fit the selection of games offered by each casino. However, players who use Citadel banking as their main form of payment may look forward to much more.

Casinos may particularly target players who use Citadel banking with their special sign-up bonuses. These benefits, which can frequently be obtained right away, are a major selling factor for certain online casinos. Users are recommended to carefully review all of the requirements specified for each bonus or referral program so they can take full advantage of the offer.


Where is Citadel Instant Banking available?

Nearly thirty countries across the world have banks that offer Citadel Instant Banking.

Are any Citadel Instant Banking fees applicable?

Citadel Instant Banking is generally free. Your bank and the casino both have the right to impose additional costs for using this type of payment. Before sending your initial payment, make sure you are informed of all the fees.

How safe is it to use Citadel Banking?

Citadel has a very high level of dependability because it is very careful with its clients’ information and never divulges any personal data to outside websites.

What are the Citadel Instant Banking limitations?

Citadel does have spending restrictions, notably for people who make deposits to online casinos. Three deposits per day up to $10,000 or ten deposits per month up to $40,000 are the maximums.