Przelewy24 Card for Playing in Online Casinos

Przelewy24 is Poland’s premier online payment service, owned and run by the DialCom24 Group out of Poznan. It’s one of the many online services the corporation offers, and it’s often considered the best at optimizing payments of its kind. The service’s Polish name literally means “to transfer,” highlighting the 24/7 accessibility for eligible customers.

How to Use This Payment Method

Przelewy24’s ease of use is typical of similar services. All you need is a bank account with a Przelewy24-affiliated Polish bank and a casino accepting Przelewy24 deposits. You can pay with Przelewy24 by going to the checkout page and choosing that option. Simply type in the sum you wish to deposit and hit the Deposit button. When you’re ready to pay, you’ll be taken directly to your bank’s online banking website without having to log in or give out any financial information.

Updated on December, 2023

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How to Create New Account

Consider these steps if you decide to sign up with a new account:

Step 1. Use your preferred computer, tablet, or smartphone to access the official Przelewy24 website. The service is accessible both through the browser version and a built-in application for the most widely used operating systems (OS). Once you’ve logged in using your preferred method, select your preferred language (English or Polish) and go to the Registration link, readily located on the homepage.

Step 2. You must now get in touch with the customer service team of reps and let them know your plans. Afterward, complete the necessary fields in the appropriate boxes and submit the registration form. You will then have access to your personal Przelewy24 e-wallet automatically.

Step 3. Funding is required before you can use it to make future online purchases, just like with any other wallet. To reach the highest level of user happiness, this is done using a variety of payment methods. At this point, further services are also offered, all to enable customers to access one of their real accounts and obtain the money needed for their subsequent transactions.

Pros & Cons

The advantages include:

  • User-friendly: Przelewy24 is quick, cost-free, and simple to use. With no additional fees or lengthy processing times, making deposits is now feasible and convenient.
  • Security: Przelewy24 offers extra security when making deposits of any size because it is a reputable, secure third-party payment option. 
  • Targeted: Przelewy24 is the answer if you’re a Polish citizen looking for a payment system made just for you. With its offerings, the company ensures that its consumers receive the greatest care possible at every turn. 

The disadvantages include:

  • Reduced support: Despite providing a wide range of services to its users, Przelewy24 lacks a comprehensive FAQ or support section, so you must get in touch with its support team directly to get assistance.
  • Solely for Polish users. Przelewy24 is inaccessible to the rest of the world because it is a highly specialized service created for a Polish audience.
  • No withdrawals: Przelewy24 is solely a deposit option. Thus, it doesn’t offer a complete range of casino payment options.


Przelewy24 is available where?

Only Polish gamers with accounts at one of the 150 Polish banks connected to Przelewy24 are permitted to use the website.

What is the duration of the Przelewy24 deposit method?

When utilizing Przelewy24, deposits are made instantly. Your funds will be ready for use as soon as you make the deposit.

How safely is data saved at Przelewy24 casinos?

The likelihood of your financial information being accessed or utilized is decreased because you only need to supply it once. Most online casinos have encryptions and other protection measures.

Do I have to enter my information and register with Przelewy24?

No! When utilizing Przelewy24, you never have to provide your bank account information. You will be forwarded to your bank’s website, where you can make the deposit, similarly to how you would with online bill payment.