Cookie Policy

One of the primary purposes of this website is to simplify gamers’ lives. Therefore, we use cookies and provide a particular policy connected with them. Thanks to this policy, the website became more convenient for the users and more informative for the analytical team. To find out more details, read the text below.


Cookies are files that contain data received during the website session. This data is connected with users’ actions and usually helps the server to identify them. For example, system login or password are usually saved on the website according to the cookie policy and simplify sign-in obviously. Cookies also show users’ experience and help the site to select relevant content and attractive offers. As a result, visitors are always aware of the exciting prepositions.

The website server creates cookies during each session. They have a strong connection with users’ computer IDs. During the next session website server will identify stored data with a particular user thanks to it. Data is stored locally, so it is not available for other users or websites. There are several levels of cookies storage:

  • Website server. Data is linked to the user on the website. It is usually, connected with personal account details or user experience.
  • Website browser. The cookies connected with a particular website are stored on the website browser. During each session, the browser brings cookies to the website. It reads an ID and develops a connection with data.

To Agree or not to Agree

According to the cookie policy, the website could use such data only with an agreement of users. They can accept using cookies via a pop-up window or renounce the usage with particular settings. It is available to deactivate data storage, but this action may lead to some negative consequences. For example, some website options (such as password and login saving) won’t work. So, those who want to use the website without any restrictions should accept cookies by pressing OK in the pop-up window.

Types of Cookies

There are various types of cookies:

  • Cookies that are used for the technical purpose;
  • Cookies with particular time duration;
  • Cookies stored for website and marketing analysis.

Cookies for technical purposes are differentiated by necessity. 

  • It is necessary to store cookies that define proper and correct website functioning.
  • It is not necessary to store cookies that show user experience, but we do it to improve website performance and user-friendliness.

Cookies may be stored during a particular time. Some of them are called “session cookies” and are stored only during the session. Some of them are stored after the end of the session and allow visitors to use saved data (such as a password or personal information) regularly. This option simplifies several monotonous actions such as sign-in.

Some of the cookies are placed by other organizations or us for analytical and marketing purposes.

Marketing and Analytical Purposes

Some of the cookies are set by third-party organizations and us. Third-party cookies are used to display advertisements or provide marketing research. Our analysis cookies are set for web analysis and marketing research. Among them may be:

  1. Google Analytics cookies. This data shows information about viewed pages, target audience, and so on. This information is used for advertisement campaign planning and implementation.
  2. Facebook pixel helps to implement social media marketing campaigns.
  3. Cookies that help to show personalized notifications and pop-up windows make interaction with the site more engaging.
  4. Cookies that reproduce user experience on the landing page can be used for UI/UX design improvements. 
  5. Cookies that are used by advertisers are a part of successful marketing campaigns.

Additional Information

Changings in the cookie policy are always published on the website. The main statement and principles we describe on the Private Policy page. If they are updated, new information will be displayed there definitely.


Is it true that cookies access other people to view my PC data?

It is not true. Accepting cookies doesn’t access anybody to see financial, personal information, browser history, and so on. Cookies include only data collected on the website or specified by the user.

How can I be sure that cookies are secure?

Security approval is described on the Private Policy page.

Is it true that cookies restrict anonymity?

Yes, it’s partly true because they may include personal information. On the other hand, this data is used for website improvement and doesn’t lead to negative consequences.

How can I track cookies on my browser?

The users may track cookies on a particular page. For example, Firefox provides cookie management on the Privacy page (Tools/Options/Privacy). The users could also accept a specific type of cookie there, set the storage duration, remove exceptional cookies, and set exceptions.

What should I do to disable cookies?

Those who don’t want to store data on the website shouldn’t accept using cookies. They can also ban cookies from particular resources with browser settings.