Best Online Casinos with EZ Voucher Deposits

Choosing a deposit method can be a hard task for some players. Firstly, it is difficult to find a banking option that meets all one’s criteria, including accessibility, fastness, convenience, and reliability. Secondly, even when one finds such an option, it can be restricted in the country where one resides. EZ Voucher could be a great solution to that issue. Established in the US, the financial company aims to help online users across the world pay for their purchases and services with pre-paid vouchers.

On this page, you can find the most important info on this deposit method as well as find a list of the casinos where it is accepted.

Updated on December, 2023

Casinos with EZ Voucher Deposit Method in United States

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About EZ Voucher

Using EZ Voucher is as simple as paying with cash. To get a voucher, you need to buy one on the website of the company. Once you have bought a voucher, you can make a deposit with it on the website of any casino accepting this method. Note that there are no extra fees charged by EZ Voucher. If you deposit $100, $100 is what you will get and what you will be able to spend at a casino. All the fees and expenses are already included in that sum.

How to Make an EZ Voucher Deposit?

To get your first voucher, you will need to register an account on the website of Paste and Pay (which is the new name under which EZ Voucher is currently known). To create an account, you will need to type in some personal details and verify your identity with the help of uploading a photo of your passport or other document. Once you confirm the registration via mobile, the account is activated.

There are two options available for EZ Voucher users: they can either purchase an already created voucher choosing it from the catalogue or enter the amount of money they need and buy a custom voucher. Once this is done, a player can open the Cashier section of their favorite casino, find Paste and Pay among the deposit methods, and type in the unique PIN-code identified on the voucher. Then, the money will reach one’s account quite fast.


Is EZ Voucher available in my country?

It probably is, as EZ Voucher is accepted in most governments of the world. If you wish to double-check, you can open the company’s website and see whether or not it is available in your country.

Is Paste and Pay different than EZ Voucher?

No, these are the same things, only known by different names. Paste and Pay is a new name of the company, but it is still better recognizable as EZ Voucher.

Are EZ Voucher deposits secure?

Yes, they are completely safe, as EZ Voucher requires users’ personal data to verify their identity before issuing a voucher under their names.

How does EZ Voucher work?

To get a voucher, you need to deposit some amount of money on your EZ Voucher account. Once this is done, you can treat it like cash and use it for your online purchases with the help of a unique number identified on the voucher.