Klarna Transfer Casinos

Klarna is one of the easiest and fastest payment methods used in online gambling nowadays. Players from markets that support this service are fortunate to have this beneficial payment method at their disposal, and they do not need to be worried about how to make quick and secure deposits.

This money transfer service was established in 2005 in Sweden, as online payment for shopping, but it soon became popular with online casino players and expanded to other countries. Currently, this money transfer method is used by more than 85 million customers across 17 countries, and the United States is among them.

Updated on December, 2023

Casinos with Klarna Instant Bank Transfer Deposit Method in United States

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How to Use Klarna Casinos?

Using Klarna for depositing at an online casino is quite simple and does not require much effort. Those who wonder how to credit money to their casino balance, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Create a Klarna account and make sure that the bank supports this money transfer method.
  • Choose the casino that has Klarna among its deposit methods.
  • Visit the cashier page on the website of an operator and choose Klarna.
  • Pick the country of residence and the bank.
  • Enter banking login details.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to enter TAN in order to authorize a money transfer.
  • Write the desired deposit amount.

Pros and Cons of Klarna at Online Casinos

If to talk about this payment method, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but positive sides prevail. They include:

  • Speedy transactions, so players can receive their deposits instantly and start playing games right away.
  • High level of security, so deposits are safe.
  • Klarna does not charge fees for transactions. However, online casinos or banks can have their own commissions, so it is better to check this before making a deposit.
  • It is compatible with mobile devices, so players can make deposits on the go using smartphones.

The disadvantages of this payment method are as follows:

  • It is available in few countries, so not all players can take advantage of this money transfer service.
  • There are no withdrawals via Klarna, so users who decide to make deposits with the help of this service will have to choose another payment method for withdrawals.


Is Klarna a safe payment method?

Yes, this money transfer service is secure, and players do not have to worry about safety issues when they make deposits via it.

Is it possible to use Klarna in the United States?

This service is available in the United States along with other 16 countries. So, there are online operators that offer it for deposits.

How much time does it take for the deposit to be credited to the casino balance if Klarna service is used?

Klarna provides instant payouts, so it is a matter of several minutes to have the deposit processed.

Can Klarna be used for withdrawals too?

No, withdrawals are not available via this payment method.