What Is Otopay Online Casino Deposit Method?

Otopay is actually a virtual prepaid card and one of the most reliable payment methods. The difference between credit cards and classic cards is that they work with a prepayment system. So when buying this card, there is no credit line. It helps to control the spending on online casino gambling.

The Otopay deposit system belongs to a TRNC company. The company has all the necessary licenses and fulfills the security procedures, so one can be sure their personal data are safe and protected. Customers only use the card’s digital code and passwords when paying with Otopay.

Updated on May, 2024

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Otopay Deposit Method Features

When using Otopay for online deposits in casinos, a player is not provided with a physical card, only with its digital alternative. This card is a single-use credit card with a prepayment system only. One can buy it at the specified limits and then must purchase a new card when the limit of the existing one is complete.

Also, it is not possible to deposit the same card again. In addition, Otopay system is very reliable and stable since all necessary purchases are made through the official websites only.

How to Deposit in Online Casinos Using Otopay

Before making a deposit with this service, one needs to buy a virtual card. Such cards are sold with limits. The minimum limit for the card is 10 Euros, and it can be purchased up to 1,000 Euros. The only currency on the service card is Euro.

Once the card is purchased, the online casino depositing is easy to complete:

  • Select the method in the deposit sections.
  • Enter a 19-digit digital code and card password.
  • After entering the deposit form with this code and password, money will come almost instantly.

Online Casino Withdrawals with Otopay

A great advantage of the Otopay system is that it allows withdrawals at some online casino websites. After withdrawing with this system is complete, one should exchange the balance vouchers in online stores that sell the service. Billed balances can be withdrawn as real money by making a bank account.


Otopay is a registered and legal deposit service. This form of payment is widely used in Europe, so there is no risk of disclosure of personal data when using it in online casinos to deposit. It is so reliable that one can use it as an online payment method for online shopping! Thanks to strong data protection, this online payment method can eliminate any hacking and/or tracking that may occur during online purchases.

To summarize it all, Otopay enables users to make transactions quickly and safely. The system provides high confidentiality and the highest level of security. Although Otopay system is Turkish, it is safely and successfully used in Europe. When gambling online, it can be used both for depositing and withdrawing money.


Is it possible to contact customer support?

Otopay customer support is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for any kind of problems that users might have.

Does Otopay have any hidden commissions?

Otopay does not feature any hidden commission and the initial fees are the only one.

How secure is this deposit method?

All personal data is thoroughly protected when using Otopay for online casino deposits.

Does Otopay offer bonuses?

It offers a deposit bonus. Players making a deposit with the service can earn up to £500 bonus each day.