Slot Machines with Respins

Online slots with respins have gained much popularity with worldwide gamblers, and we can understand why. Such a bonus feature provides players with an opportunity to get an extra payout, spinning the reels one more time for free and majorly increasing the win potential. On this page, our team has collected the best online slot features with respins.

What is Respins?

Respins are a common feature used in video slot machines. When this bonus is activated, a player has a chance to spin the reels one more time without making an additional stake. This is an automated process, so one does not need to hit the Spin button one more time to trigger the respins feature. It works the following way: symbols used in a winning combination disappear from the playing grid and are then replaced by new icons, randomly falling onto the board. The respins go on until there is no free space left on the screen or until the number of allowed respins comes to an end.

Respins Slot Machine Games

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    How to Activate Respins?

    In classic slot machines, respins are usually awarded to the player randomly. This means that one does not need to meet any requirements to enjoy this feature – all one has to do is land a winning combination and hope on one’s luck. In some slots, for instance, in progressive jackpot titles, a player needs to create a combination of certain symbols that will activate the respins feature. The rules are different for each game, so check the rules before starting to play.

    Advantages of Respins

    The number of allowed consecutive respins is not unlimited and differs depending on the game. Some slots enable gamblers to have five respins, while others limit this number down to two or three. Choose a title with attention to the rules, and you will get a chance to multiply your winnings by several times.

    Generally, respins are a very lucrative feature. In addition to the fact that they can mostly be found in video slots, these games are not only rewarding but also fun and exciting. Choosing titles with a respins feature is an amazing way to increase one’s winnings without increasing one’s bets.



    How do respins work?

    The respins feature allows players to spin one reel one more time after landing a winning combination onto the playing grid.

    Is it profitable to play with respins?

    Of course, it is. Respins can help players increase their winning by several times without the need to make a much higher bet.

    Can respins be found in all online slots?

    No, respins can only be found in some video slots. We have collected the best titles with this feature on this page, so our users do not miss out on anything.

    How to trigger respins?

    This depends on the game one is playing. In some titles, respins are always active, while in other titles, gamblers need to create a certain combination to trigger this feature.