Expanding Reels Slots

The Expanding Reels feature is not that rare, but it is presented in many options and will not leave anyone indifferent from those who encounter it in the game.

What Are Expanding Reels Slots?

The feature of Expanding Reels adds new symbols to the reels when playing a game, increasing the probability of the punter’s winning several times. Like other bonus features, this feature is activated by a particular symbol or symbol combination dropping on the reels.

Expanding Reels video slot machines have a variety of themes. There may be more than ten additional symbols in various combinations. For example, this feature is trendy in Egyptian or Fantasy themed online video slots. These extra reels are frequently disguised as columns or blocks next to the base 5×3 scheme. Plus, in some games, free spins and an extra reel expand the latter from four rows up to nineteen. On the other hand, these additional reels may remain inactive and not influence the regular flow of the game until the necessary symbol or symbol combination appears on the reels.

Expanding Reels Slot Machine Games

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The Expanding Reels Slots Bonus Benefits

Expanding Reels slots have a full range of bonuses inherent in standard video slots. Thus, there are free spins, multipliers, wild symbols, and scatters. But the enlarging reels’ characteristic adds even more wilds and scatters to the game. Besides, the number of rows, reels themselves, and paylines also goes up, bringing the player more chances to win and even hit the jackpot.

In some games, the reels expand in four directions: up, down, right, and left, enlarging the amount of possible winning combinations to the incredible number of 60,466,176.

The Reason to Play Expanding Reels Slot Machines

Even when playing online casino games, which are usually quite gambling and unpredictable, the player still wants something more surprising and always pleasant, like in a fairy tale about Harry Potter.

Such an effect of unpredictability and some fabulousness is invariably brought to their admirers by Expanding Reels slots, when symbols, reels, rows, and opportunities to win real money suddenly increase.


Is the Expanding Reels feature unlocked in every game?

No. It may remain unlocked during a spin if a particular symbol or symbol combination does not fall out on the reels.

Can I get free spins in Expanding Reels slots?

Yes, this feature is quite regular in these games.

Can I trigger the Expanding Reels feature in the base game?

In some games, yes.