Multiplier Slot Machines

Multipliers are a great bonus feature that can improve the winning potential in a great way. These bonuses are designed to multiply the player’s winnings, and they can be found in many games at online casinos, although not all of them provide equally amazing payouts. In some titles, multipliers are active throughout the whole playing process, while in others, this feature is only triggered when a particular bonus round is being played.

Multiplier Slot Machine Games

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    Multiplier Forms

    Developers always try to make their games unique, adding innovative features that are not used by other software providers. Therefore, multipliers differ from one title to another. Let’s see what the most popular types of this feature are.

    Winning multipliers increase the total number of payouts collected throughout the playing session. This feature is the most rewarding one, although such multipliers themselves are rather low. For instance, if a player has won 1,000 coins, this amount can be doubled and reach 2,000 coins, which is a great profit.

    The most popular form of multipliers is bet multipliers. They increase the value of the stake instead of the payout. This bonus can also make players’ winnings bigger, although it might not be that obvious for beginners.

    Feature multipliers are bonuses that accompany other features. Such a multiplier is often used in free spin rounds. Usually, when a player wins a particular number of free spins, all their winnings are multiplied by a certain value. This provides room for great win potential, as gamblers do not risk anything while spinning the reels for free.

    Multiplier slots form a special game type. Such titles provide players with amazingly high multiplier values, sometimes of up to x750! In most cases, these games use bet multipliers – keep that in mind before starting to play a new title that promises incredibly high win potential.


    What are slots with multiplier features?

    Such slot machines have increased win potential thanks to the use of special features. Multipliers can be active, meaning that they need to be triggered before they can be used, or passive, meaning they are active throughout the whole process of playing.

    How can one activate the highest multipliers?

    In slots with cascading reels, players have an opportunity to increase the total multiplier used while spinning the reels. To reach the highest possible multiplier in such a game, a gambler needs to land a row of consecutive winning combinations onto the playing grid.

    How does a multiplier wild symbol work?

    Multiplier wild symbols function in the same way as standard wild icons do – they substitute for any other symbol to create a match. If a wild symbol includes a multiplier, it will increase the player’s payout each time it becomes part of a winning combination.

    Is it worth it to play multiplier slots?

    Yes, multipliers greatly increase win potential. Choosing the games that have this feature will result in getting more generous payouts.