High Volatility Slots and Their Features

All online slots can be divided into low, medium, and high volatility ones. The volatility level lets the player know how often a slot provides wins and how big they can be. Low volatility slots offer smaller but more often prizes, while high volatility slots offer the opposite. High volatility casino games offer more generous wins, but the prizes are occasional. For this reason, high volatility slots are also referred to as higher-risk games.

Here are the key points characterizing high volatility slots:

  • rare payouts;
  • lucrative prizes;
  • high risk.

High volatility games are a perfect match for VIP gamblers and high-rollers with an unlimited or huge budget that can sustain longevity in the game sessions.

Payouts of High Volatility Games

High volatility slot machines offer much higher prizes than average slots. To put it into perspective, low volatile games payout somewhere up to 1,000x the gambler’s stake. On the other hand, high volatile slots can bring a win of up to 150,000x the total stake. Even lower-paying icons in slots with high volatility bring wins of about 50x.

High volatility Slot Machine Games

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Who Are High Volatility Slots Designed for?

As already mentioned, such games are great for high-rollers who like some extra thrill. They are the best choice for players who want to step outside of their comfort zone and try to win better prizes.

However, the gamblers who choose high volatility slots must be prepared for the drawbacks of these games. Such slots provide wins less frequently than low- and medium-volatility games do, so these are high-risk games.

Pros and Cons of High Volatility Slots


  • huge wins;
  • thrilling and engaging;
  • moderate bets still high wins;
  • multiple diversified bonus features;
  • astonishing jackpot prizes.


  • quite rare wins;
  • high risk;
  • a high possibility of diminishing the gambler’s bankroll;
  • a big budget is needed.

High Volatility Games Strategy

Again, high volatile casino games involve higher risks. This affects the player’s budget and wagering amounts per spin. To enjoy such slots, the player needs some grit, perseverance, and patience. However, the great news is that the prizes are really generous.

So how to approach such games? To begin with, two key things are required: a big budget and enough time. Also, the player needs to be patient because it may take some time before the bonus round is triggered.

It is recommended to read the slot’s rules and check the payout table before playing a particular game. This way, a gambler will know what icons provide the highest payouts, what is required to trigger bonuses, and how generous the slot’s jackpot is.

The good idea is to try the demo version of the game before playing it for real money. Most slots offer a free mode that a gambler can use to get a clue about them. No real money deposits are required for free play.

It is also worth mentioning that the player must be disciplined enough to stop playing after his budget is exhausted.