Cluster Pays – Details and Features

Since the time of mechanical one-handed on-sight slots, casino game developers have gone far ahead in their innovations in this area.

Most modern online slot machines are created on the principle of spinning reels, which can be of different quantity, with different numbers of rows and paylines.

However, now new online casino games have appeared that apply a completely different principle for winning.

These are cluster games, or Cluster Pays, which use a grid instead of reels where the same symbols line up frozen.

More About Cluster Pays Features

Unlike regular slot machines spinning the reels to create winning paylines in a strict left to right order, grid-based slots create winning combinations utilizing clusters that land anywhere on the grid. And if there are at least four similar clustered symbols, the player wins.

The number of symbols in Cluster Pays is bigger than in reel-slots. And the symbols generally fall into four categories: low-paying symbols, high-paying symbols, wild symbols, and scatters.

When the symbols drop on the grid and form a cluster, the player wins.

Cluster Pays Bonuses

The wilds dropping on the grid can replace any other symbols, except for the scatters. The scatters start the bonus of free spins, although scatters are quite rare in these games. There are usually ten free spins in a game. Due to the avalanche feature, the clusters disappear from the grid and free the place for new ones. The amount of winning symbols included in clusters are gathered in the feature meter, and it sets up the bonus feature. In addition, there are the symbol-feature and the colossal symbols. The colossal symbols have a feature of splitting up into a few regular ones.

Cluster Pays Slot Machine Games

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    Why are Cluster Pays Worth Playing?

    Why not? These online slot machines are of excellent quality and bring great winnings to their fans. Different from the usual reel slots, they can add more pleasant variety to the gambling habits of online casino regulars, especially those who like playing grid-based games in social networks.


    Do Cluster Pays provide free spins?

    Yes. But this feature is quite rare in these games.

    What is the avalanche feature in Cluster Pays?

    This feature makes the winning clusters disappear and give place for new ones.

    Are there jackpots in Cluster Pays?

    Yes, but this feature is rare.