Stacked Symbols

A wild symbol that can enclose a reel whenever it falls is known as a stacked wild symbol. These usually come in 2, 3, 4, or 5 lines. While some slot machines can collect wilds on all of the reels, others can only do so on specific reels.

There are also slots where stacked symbols appear only during free spins, while multipliers are applied at the same time, which in general greatly increases the winnings. It happens that thanks to stacked wild symbols, a player becomes a millionaire!

Stacked wild symbols are similar to expanding ones, with the only difference that the expanding symbol looks like a single one and then expands to the entire reel, while the stacked wild may not completely fill the reel (for example, only 2 or even 1 sector). The specificity of stacked wild symbols in each slot is different, and you can find it in the “Payouts” or “Help” menu.

Stacked wilds serve the same purpose as regular wilds in that they can complete winning combinations by substituting for all other symbols besides the scatter. However, since stacked symbols almost always appear in a group, and not alone, the chances of winning with their help are much higher.

Stacked symbols are one of the best features in online slots as it allows you to win an almost unlimited amount. Thus, if you have a slot with stacked wilds in front of you, know that you have a chance to get rich! If you are not sure how having stacked wilds will help you win big, we recommend playing the demo version of any slot with this feature.

Stacked Symbols Slot Machine Games

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    Advantages of Playing Slot Machines with Stacks Symbols

    Here are some of the primary reasons why many other players choose to play online slots with stacked reel symbols in huge numbers, in case you haven’t already taken the decision about it:

    • real potential for success;
    • multiple-line slots;
    • game add-ons;
    • slots with a range of payouts;
    • excellent to play.

    No matter if a slot game has stacked reel symbols or not, you won’t necessarily win every time you play it. However, when you first start playing slot games online, you should try out as many of the ones that are offered for free as possible.

    Then, you can test out whether the reward games and bonus offers are as thrilling and engaging to play off as they initially appeared by playing each slot game until any bonus games and/or bonus features have been activated and rewarded to you.