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At the very beginning of the slots’ popularity, games did not have many features that would make players’ experience more convenient. The process of spinning the reels could become boring and repetitive at times, as gamblers needed to pull the lever manually each time they wanted to play a new round.

Luckily for all of us, times have changed, and now, many slot machines have an Autoplay feature. On this page, you can find a list of the best titles with this function as well as information about how it works.

Autoplay – How does It Work?

The Autoplay feature’s purpose is quite simple. It allows players to spin the reels automatically, without the need to click the Spin button to start each round. This function allows gamblers to do something else while playing or just to focus on the screen and the payouts. Autoplay also makes the playing process faster, which is significant for some users who do not like to spend too much time on playing and just want to get their winnings.

Autoplay sounds amazing, but in practice, using this feature might lead to big losses. Before starting to play with this function, get familiar with some rules. First, it is not the best idea to hit Autoplay when the bet is set at its maximum level. Second, consider choosing the games that allow one to set loss limits and the number of automated spins. This way, it will be much easier to control one’s budget, and playing will become safer.

Autoplay Slot Machine Games

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Who Should Use Autoplay?

Autoplay is great for some gamblers, but it is not designed to meet the requests of each player. Let’s see what users would like this feature the most.

Players who are using bonus money to spin the reels should use Autoplay. This is a fast way to meet the wagering requirements, clear one’s bonus account, and get a payout. Autoplay is great for gamblers who are playing progressive jackpots as well as for those who are trying to multitask – for instance, enjoy a slot at work or while running errands.

Nevertheless, Autoplay is not the best option for gamblers who play for recreational purposes. This feature can bring some fun out of the game, as it does not give players an opportunity to spin the reels manually and fully enjoy the animation.


How does Autoplay work?

The Autoplay feature is not difficult to play with. All one has to do to start using it is set the desired number of spins and hit the button – the reels will start spinning by themselves.

Where can I find slots with Autoplay?

You can find the best Autoplay slots right on this page. Our team regularly picks out the most technologically advanced and popular games for our users.

Is Autoplay good for everyone?

Frankly speaking, it is not the feature that should be used by all of the players, however convenient it is. If you like to play for the purpose of pleasure rather than winning, it is better to spin the reels manually.

Who should use Autoplay?

This feature is perfect for players who use bonuses to play slots as well as for those who like to combine playing with running errands.