Symbol Collection Slots

Software developers create and release new games regularly. There are no two identical slot machines. Each of them has its unique feature that brings the game numbers of fans and popularity.

The slot’s features are unlocked while playing it. A particular symbol combination or one symbol landed in a specific position on the reels activates a new bonus feature to the player’s delight, increasing their chances to win.

But it also happens that the player does not get the winning combination or special symbol on the reels during the game. Then the feature remains undiscovered. And here, the Symbol Collection comes to the rescue, which helps the player to get acquainted with the game’s characteristics and bonus system in full.

What is the Symbol Collection?

The feature is available in many video slot machines. It frequently appears in the base game in different slots. With the help of Symbol Collection, bonus rounds become unlocked, which brings the player a more significant win.

Sometimes, both bonus features come into play at the same time. This feature also frequently combines with cascading reels. With a series of lucky combinations, the cascades feature gets enabled, and then the multiplier or symbol collection comes into play.

Symbol Collection Slot Machine Games

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    The Other Ways to Apply the Symbol Collection

    The Symbol Collection not only activates multipliers. It has other ways to be applied:

    It is frequently applied in bonus rounds of Megaways slots. With this feature, the player can play each spin of the game with the maximum size of the reels.

    With the Symbol Collection feature, the player can obtain symbol upgrades.

    The Symbol Collection allows the player to identify the award in slot machines with progressive jackpots.

    Why Is the Symbol Collection Worth the Player’s Attention?

    This unique bonus feature is found in a variety of the most unusual and popular online games today. Its vast game possibilities will pleasantly diversify any game and, in addition, will bring a solid cash prize to those who choose to play a slot with this feature.


    Can I play progressive jackpots in the Symbol Collection slots?

    Yes. Some of the Symbol Collection slots provide this possibility.

    What are the most popular bonuses in the Symbol Collection slots?

    There are various bonuses. Among the most popular are bonus rounds and multipliers.

    Can I trigger the Symbol Collection feature in the base game?

    Yes, definitely.