Slot Machines with Bonus Games

There is no denying that bonuses are what make slot machines exciting. Few titles do not have any bonus rounds at all, and it is a great thing for gamblers – no one would like to play a repetitive game that does not provide any special features. Bonuses make the playing process more fun, rewarding, and addictive.

Developers always strive to fill the titles they create with innovative features that have not been seen anywhere else before. Contemporary bonus games include functions that perfectly correspond to their themes, increase the win potential, and attract new users.

How to Choose the Best Bonus Game?

This is an important matter, as one can hardly find a slot with no bonuses at all – however, some of them are not as rewarding as others.

Firstly, one should pay attention to how frequently one can activate the bonus game. Secondly, one should choose bonuses that provide the highest win potential – higher multipliers, more generous payouts, etc. And, of course, playing bonuses should be fun – no matter how much one could win playing a game, it is worth little if one gets bored while doing so.

Bonus Game Slot Machine Games

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Types of Bonus Games

Depending on the slot’s type and the developer’s preferences, bonus games differ. Some bonus rounds are triggered by collecting a combination of certain symbols, while other features are activated randomly during the process of playing. Let’s see what the most popular bonus games are.

Free spins are probably one of the most well-known bonuses. This feature allows players to play a certain number of free rounds. Typically, as the free spins bonus is active, the payouts increase. In most games, this feature is triggered when a player lands a combination of three scatters onto the playing grid.

Respins are a feature that allows players to get an extra spin without making an additional stake. In most cases, symbols used in the winning combination stay in their places while the reels are spinning for the second time.

Pick-me bonuses enable gamblers to get an extra cash prize by participating in a mini-game.

The extra wilds feature adds additional wild symbols to the playing board. These icons can increase the win potential and help one create more winning combinations.

Pathway game is mainly used in progressive jackpot titles. This feature includes a set of mini-games. As a player completes more steps, they get more payouts.


What is the best bonus game?

Choosing the perfect bonus round depends on the player’s preferences. Do not forget that playing should be both fun and rewarding!

Do bonus games increase the payouts?

Yes, most bonus games are designed exclusively to increase the win potential. Bonus features can provide players with higher multipliers and better payout tables.

How can one trigger a bonus game?

This depends entirely on the slot one is playing. In some titles, bonus features are triggered when a gambler lands a certain combination of symbols onto the reels. In other games, bonuses are activated randomly.

How to activate a free spins bonus game?

In most games, free spins are triggered when a player gets a combination of three scatters. This is not always the case, however, so check the rules of each game in advance.