Wild Symbol in Online Slots

Wild symbols are also sometimes referred to as substitutions. They can replace all other icons except the scatter ones to help the player trigger a winning combination or provide a bigger prize. For example, if two matching icons land on one payline along, the player would not hit a win. However, if a wild icon appears alongside, the gambler will get a payout since a wild will replace the third matching icon. The wilds often flash on each spin, showing their ability to become a part of any combination with other icons.

Types of Wilds

Game developers come up with diversified wild symbols that may have different shapes and features. Often, the wild symbol performs more functions than simply replacing other icons and helping trigger winning combinations in different ways:

  • As the name says, they come with multipliers attached. When a player hits a winning combination with a wild multiplier, a multiplier is applied to his win.
  • Wild reels. Some slots have wild icons that occupy an entire reel, therefore significantly enhancing the overall winning potential.
  • Expanding wilds. Such a symbol may expand horizontally or vertically, boosting the gambler’s winning chances.
  • Sticky wilds. If such an icon appears on the reel, it will remain in place for a certain number of spins.
  • Walking wilds. These symbols make their way across the screen. They usually appear during re-spin features.

It is challenging to determine which type of wilds is the best one. The player should better try slots with different kinds of wild symbols to decide which one works best for him. Expanding wilds and wild reels are the two types that appear most commonly in online slots. Sticky wilds and walking wilds are a bit rarer but provide an exciting gaming experience, too.

Wild Symbol Slot Machine Games

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The Benefits of Wild Symbols

If the player chooses to play a slot machine with wild symbols, he can enjoy the multiple advantages:

  • a wild symbol gives a chance to complete a winning combination even if the player lacks the necessary amount of matching symbols;
  • a wild can enhance an existing winning combination;
  • a wild may also act as a multiplier, meaning that it either doubles or quadruples the payout of any line where it lands.

How to Choose the Best Slot with Wilds?

If the player wants to get the most benefits from online gambling, he should understand how each wild works. These icons are keys to creating winning combinations and can significantly improve the payout potential. Here are some tips on choosing the best wilds in slots:

  • look for slots with a high RTP;
  • select slots with multiple wilds;
  • check the bonuses available in every particular slot;
  • choose games with high bet limits;
  • prefer games that match your budget.

If the player dedicates enough time to do sufficient research, he can boost his winning chances.


What are the main advantages of slots with wild symbols?

Wilds help the players land a win regardless of the amount of matching symbols present. In addition, they can boost the existing wins and act as multipliers that double the payout on any winning lines.

How can the players benefit from wild symbols in online slots?

Slots with wild symbols will benefit the players aimed at creating winning combinations and improving the overall payout potential throughout the game.

What are the main types of wild symbols in slots?

Some of the wild symbols that can be found in slots are divided into five categories: wilds that come with multipliers attached to them, wild reels, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and walking wilds, appearing during the respins and landing across the reels as the players start the game.

What is the function of wild symbols in slot games online?

Wild symbols often act as a replacement for other icons on the reels. They can substitute other symbols except the scatter ones to boost the player’s chances of landing a bigger cash prize.

What is the best way to choose slots with wild symbols?

To choose slots with wild symbols, the players need to search for slot games with high variance and a decent RTP. They also need to select the slots that have multiple wilds and bonuses coming as a part of the welcome package. Slot experts recommend choosing wild symbol slots that feature high bet limits and allow the players to stay on a budget.