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With the diversity of online slots, 7 reel slots are likely the rarest type of them. And while they can rarely be seen, they offer engaging gameplay with exciting bonus features, including wilds, scatters, free spins, and more. They have seven vertical reels, and more evolved features than regular slots. Having a 7×7 playing grid, they tend to offer more winning chances to the player.

7 Reel Slots Bonus Features

Like regular 5 reel slots, 7 reel slot machines offer engaging gameplay and various bonus features to enhance the gamblers’ chances to win.

Wild symbols can replace other regular symbols on the reels to improve or complete winning combinations. They cannot substitute for other bonus symbols.

7 Reels Slot Machine Games

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    Scatter icons can provide multipliers and trigger other bonus features, like free spins or bonus rounds.

    The free spins meter is like a counter for how many more scatters the player must land to trigger the free spins feature.

    Free spins are rounds of free games. The great news is that if the player lands a winning combination during the free spins round, he still receives real money winnings in the case he plays in the real money version of the slot.

    Cascading reels are the feature during which symbols drop down to fill in the spots left by winning symbols. They give a chance to get lots of consecutive wins.

    Also, 7 reel slots often offer massive jackpot prizes.


    How do 7 reel slots work?

    These slot machines have seven reels instead of five, providing the player with more chances of winning. A particular feature of such slots is that winning combinations are based on landing groups of matching symbols rather than landing matching symbols on the same payline.

    What bonus features do 7 reel slots include?

    This type of slot machines can have such bonus features as wild symbols. Scatter icons. Cascading reels, free spins, free spins meter, and jackpot prizes.

    Who will enjoy 7 reel slots?

    These slots are a good choice for gamblers who like standard slot machines with a unique twist. When playing such a game, you can enjoy playing a regular slot with more winning potential and a different kind of payout.

    Can I win real money when playing 7 reel slots?

    Sure, you can! Just make sure to sign up for an online casino and make a deposit. Choose a 7 reels slot and start playing in real-money mode to use your chance of winning a cash prize.