Mystery Symbols and Creating Winning Combinations Online

Mystery symbols belong to the plethora of features that are often associated with online slots and will potentially serve as a solid way to gain instant wins. Mystery symbols may also appear with a distinctive feature attached to them. In some cases, it is a standard symbol that allows the players to identify mystery symbols easily. More often than not, mystery symbols will fill the entire reel or appear stacked on the paylines.

In online games, mystery symbols will replace other symbols to deliver guaranteed wins to bettors. These symbols are often found in the base game. The slot mechanic is often designed around players looking for a perfect combination of matching symbols that are found on the paylines. In this case, the presence of mystery symbols will create a pathway to future wins, with the mystery feature converting one symbol into another. Mystery symbols are typically activated in random order and do not require the players to trigger a bonus round to win. They will also substitute for other symbols with the ability to morph into a lower-paying symbol like the playing card.

Mystery Symbols Slot Machine Games

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The Benefits of Mystery Symbols to Players

The role of mystery symbols in defining the player’s wins depends on a selection of variables on online video slots, including the number of said symbols that tend to land on the reels. In addition, the mystery symbols do not possess a specific denomination. This may affect their value while players select preferred online games. For instance, the players landing two or more mystery symbols on reel 2 will also be exposed to bar symbols on reels 1, 3, 4, and 5. The mystery symbols will then be transformed into bar symbols as the players land extra wins in the base game. Other major benefits of mystery symbols include the ones that are mentioned below:

Mystery symbols stacked on 3 reels. If mystery symbols end up on the first 3 reels of the game, all the symbols will be transformed into one symbol to provide the players with a win across the paylines.

Mystery symbols converted into wilds. Wilds can be used with all symbols in the majority of online games. Once the players land mystery symbols on reels 1, 2, and 3, the symbols will become wilds. If this becomes the case, the players can get more mystery symbols on the paylines.

Mystery symbols activating a bonus feature. There are mystery symbols specifically designed to activate one of the random bonus features in free online slots, as well as jackpot bonus games for players.

Mystery symbols lined up with each other. Every time the mystery symbols present themselves on the reels, they can line up with other symbols for a more impressive win. 

When mystery symbols line up with each other or other symbols on the paylines, they can resolve themselves without the assistance of online players. The players will end up with an average win or a bonus game triggered online.