Low Volatility Slots Features

All online slots have particular volatility levels. They can be low, medium, or high. Low volatility means the slot provides the gambler with smaller cash prizes more often than the high volatility ones. Low volatile slots have lower risks. The top prize of low volatility slots ranges from 25x to 50x the gambler’s stake. While this sounds quite small, it actually does add up. Since such games provide wins often, the player can expect to accumulate multiple smaller prizes throughout the gameplay.

Here are the key features of low volatility casino games:

  • frequent wins;
  • low risk;
  • small payouts.

However, even considering the above-mentioned concept, the low volatile games still can provide the player with a generous prize. Such payouts can be received once in a while though they are fewer. The wins are evenly distributed, and a gambler will find out that the wins are paid more per spin. This is one of the reasons why such games do not provide large million-dollar jackpots: to trigger such jackpots, more investments are required than on a small $2,000 jackpot.

Low volatility Slot Machine Games

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Who Are Low Volatility Slots Designed for?

Such games are perfect for gamblers with smaller budgets who want to enjoy the gameplay to the maximum. If the player has $50 to play online slots, it will be unfulfilling if he plays a high volatility slot and only hits one big payout. On the other hand, low volatile slots payout more wins, so the player feels like he gets more value for his money.

Low volatility slot machines are the perfect choice for gamblers who:

  • have a limited budget;
  • expect to have long gaming sessions;
  • expect small wins to be paid more often;
  • want to try new slots without risking much money;
  • do not want to wait for long to trigger bonuses;
  • are beginning casino players.

Low volatility online slots are not the best choice for gamblers expecting to get large payouts.

Pros and Cons of Low Volatility Slots


  • frequent wins due to more paylines;
  • easier bankroll management;
  • low risks;
  • provide more chances to easily meet wagering requirements.


  • small payouts;
  • high chances of losses disguised as wins;
  • limited bonus features;
  • small jackpots.

Low Volatility Slots Strategy

As already mentioned, these games are great for players who want to try their fortune, have a limited budget, or play just for entertainment. However, they will not work well for gamblers looking for multiple special features, bonus rounds, and huge wins.

These games do not require a wise strategy. A sum of around $50 can provide the gambler with hours of entertainment with small stakes. However, the gambler might not hit the bonus features often enough.

In a nutshell, the gambler needs very little to enjoy low volatile games. They are a better choice for entertainment than for serious gambling. However, they are great for getting to know the gambler’s way around playing online slot machines.