10 Reels Slots Features

Those gamblers who feel playing regular 5 reel slots is not entertaining enough for them have a chance to double the excitement with 10 reel slots. They have two sets of reels and provide the gambler with more chances to win. While reading a paytable of such games can be daunting because of so much information, 10 reel slots are worth it!

Features of 10 Reel Slots

Aside from featuring 10 reels, such slots offer classic bonus features that can be found in most 5 reel slots. Let’s look at them closer.

Cascading reels. This feature gets triggered when a player lands a winning combination. The icons that formed a combo get replaced with new symbols, allowing the gambler to win again. This feature can be considered a slightly tweaked re-spin feature.

10 Reels Slot Machine Games

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Wild symbols. These icons can replace any other regular icons appearing on the reels to help complete or improve the winning combination. Wild symbols do not substitute for other bonus symbols.

Scatter symbols. In different slots, scatter symbols offer something if the gambler lands an appropriate number of them anywhere on the reels. They can bring free spins, payouts, or trigger bonus games, for example.

Free spins. This feature allows the gambler to place bets for free. Such a feature can get triggered by landing scatter icons or free spins symbols. It can also be present in bonus games of some slots.


How do 10 reel slots work?

When you play such a slot, you are actually playing two 5 reel slots linked together. The primary reel set shows as a standard game, while the second reel set displays on the right side of the screen as an extended set of reels. While it may seem that they are disconnected, the spin continues from the first set of reels to the second.

What are the pros of playing 10 reel slots?

The first and main benefit of such slots is that they offer more chances to land winning combinations. Besides, while regular slots allow you to hit up to five-of-a-kind combos, 10 reel slots allow you to hit six-of-a-kind and more, ensuring exciting gameplay.

What bonus features can 10 reel slots include?

Like regular 5 reels slot machines, 10 reel slots can have various bonus features, including wild and scatter symbols, free spins, bonus games, and more.

Can I play 10 reel slots for free?

Sure, you can. 10 reel slots are available in the demo mode at most online casinos, so you can play them without a deposit.