Transforming Symbols Slots

The main goal of online game developers and distributors is to make them as attractive to gambling lovers as possible. To do this, they are non-stop inventing new stunning features, bonuses, and mechanisms that can captivate players.

Transforming Symbols Slots’ Categories

There are a few ways of symbols’ transformation in different slots:

  • Turning regular symbols into wilds. In some games, with every second tumble, one common character turns into a wild. In other games, lower-paying symbols turn into higher-paying ones. Finally, there are games where, during s free spin, one ordinary symbol randomly becomes wild. This option is available in the base game and in the bonus round.
  • Activating the feature of Cascading Reels. The payout causes the symbols to change their reel positions when the winning combination builds up and disappears. And new symbols take the place of the disappeared ones. But in this case, symbols simply replace each other instead of turning from one symbol into another.
  • Changing not symbols themselves but their positions on the reels. This approach significantly increases the chance of getting the winning combination.

Transforming Symbols Slot Machine Games

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    The Reason to Try This Amazing Slot Category

    This unique property of Transforming Symbols makes the online slots unusual and distinguishes them from other video slots. In addition to excellent quality and a simple and reliable interface, these slots have an element of surprise and thrill that tickles the player’s nerves and forces them to try again and again.


    Can I unlock the feature of Transforming Symbols in the base game?

    Yes. This bonus feature is available in the base and bonus games.

    Are there cascading reels in all the Transforming Symbols slots?

    No. If you want to try this feature, you should look and choose from an extensive range of Transforming Symbols slots.

    Can I trigger the Transforming Symbols feature in the base game?

    Yes, you can do it.