Cluster Games: Exciting Slots with Cluster Features

All gambling fans know well that there are slot machines with a different number of reels, three, five, six, and even more. And reel machines are the vast majority.

But there are also online casino games, the principle of which is not related to the reels.

These cluster games bring their players no less excitement from the game and solid cash winnings than more familiar reel slot machines.

More Details About Cluster Games

As a rule, online casino slot machines have reels that spin and, when spinning, give players winning combinations. There can be a different number of reels, but the principle of operation for all of them is the same.

Although a type of game does just fine without reels. For example, Rolling Reels. Instead of spinning reels, the symbols fall where the rows of reels are supposed to be and add up to win combinations.

There is also such an option when, instead of rotating reels, all positions on the “reels” themselves are separate reels that randomly fall out and display a winning combination in total with others.

Clusters Slot Machine Games

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    But another category of games uses a grid instead of reels. Instead of spinning reels when paylines appear in rows of reels, winning combinations are formed using a unique arrangement of sets of adjacent or clustered together on the grid symbols. And the more such clustered symbols appear together, the bigger the win is.

    These are the so-called cluster online games. They are also known as Cluster Ways, or Cluster Pays, replicating how popular online social media games like Candy Crush Saga work.

    Cluster Ways can have a grid of various sizes and a different number of non-spinning symbols, but they all display symbols in a random sequence on each conditional spin. If during such a “spin,” the player gets several similar characters in a cluster, they win. The amount of the win depends on the type and number of symbols that are frozen together.

    Cluster Games Bonuses

    In each game, the minimum quantity of symbols to fall out in a cluster is necessarily regulated. Usually, it is four to six symbols. Another prerequisite is the location of clusters that can only be placed horizontally or vertically. The diagonal position is not a winning one.

    There are wild and scatter symbols in these games, and even free spins, although the latter ones are pretty rare. Some of these games also have jackpots.

    Why Should Cluster Games Be Tried

    Cluster games are unusual, and online casino regulars might be pleased and interested in trying something new that has not yet become boring. These games are of good quality and can bring their gamers good real money winnings.


    Do Cluster Games have free spins?

    Yes. But not each game of this type has such a feature.

    Is there a jackpot in Cluster Games?

    Yes, some of these games provide this feature.

    How many free spins can I have when playing Cluster Games?

    Usually, there may be ten free spins in a game.