Bank Robbers 3S

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Bank Robbers 3S

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Air Dice
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Adventure, Criminal

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Bank Robbers 3S

Those who are ready to heist a bank online will be delighted to learn more about the game of Bank Robbers 3S. Designed by Air Dice and providing the players with impressive wins, it can trigger the cashback wheel for a bonus game allowing the players to save up cash in the base game. The points will be awarded for a bonus feature known as mystery games.

With the setting that reminds the players of the 70s gaming style, the bank robbery can be performed in 2 major ways leading to punters landing a winning combo online:

  • Triggering the Cashback Wheel
  • Launching the bonus game

If the players lose an upcoming round, they will still have a chance to collect credits and points as the cashback wheel starts spinning. The moment the punters gather up to 40 points in their account, the cashback wheel will start spinning to mark the beginning of a new game. The points will be awarded in the Mystery Games section of Bank Robbers 3S.

As the players are provided with random columns of symbols, the symbols will be separated and put in one of the 4 boxes on the reels. The main goal of Bank Robbers 3S is to put 3 matching symbols in a row to score a win and land a cash prize online. Placing 3 matching bonus symbols on the active paylines will trigger the bonus game. Once the players decide to blow up the walls of the highly secured vault, they will be delivered one of the several wins provided by the slot operator. The punters can either take the offer or hunt for a larger heist.

Bank Robbers 3S and the Mystery Vault Feature

In Bank Robbers 3S, the players will find a total of twenty vaults that contain a fixed money value that is based on the player’s initial bet. They will also come across one of the most outstanding features the online slot has to offer, namely the mystery vault. The mystery vault is known to contain 1 to 5 mystery games that will provide the winners with cash prizes from the established prize pool. The maximum cash prize delivered to players during the mystery games round equals 100x the total bet. To achieve the score and land a win, the players need to gather up to 100 points in the base game.

The popularity of Bank Robbers 3S as an online slot can be explained by the high payout and the type of the slot, successfully merging the elaborate design with the reels that are decorated with hieroglyphics found on gambling dice. The players are invited to step into the world of big-money heists while using arrows to adjust the bet size. The minimum bet in the game starts at 0.25, while the maximum bet can reach a total of 15. The autospin feature in Bank Robbers 3S allows the punters to let the reels spin without distractions.

Bank Robbers 3S FAQ

Are the players allowed to choose Bank Robbers 3S in demo mode?

If the players are not ready to place wagers online and start gaming for real cash, they can test Bank Robbers 3S in demo mode.

Why should the players choose Bank Robbers 3S for gaming?

The combination of a high payout with bonus rounds that contain treasures for bettors makes Bank Robbers 3S an enticing choice for players.

What is the design of Bank Robbers 3S?

Bank Robbers 3S is designed to give the players the impression they are about to participate in the greatest bank robbery of the century, with gambling dice depicting hieroglyphs.

What is the minimum bet in Bank Robbers 3S?

The minimum bet in Bank Robbers 3S is 0.25, while the maximum bet established for the game is 15. Pressing play two times in a row will allow the players to activate the turbo spin mode online.