Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor

Slot Info

NoLimit City
Min Bet
Max Bet
Top Win

Bonus Features

7 Reels
Bonus Game
Cluster Pays
Colossal Symbols
Free Spins
High volatility
Reel Modifiers
Scatter Symbol
Wild Multipliers
Wild Symbol
Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Slot from NoLimit City

Pearl Harbor is a cluster-pays slot based on Japan’s attack on a US military base in 1941. The game takes the Japanese viewpoint of the battle, which is quite surprising. Each round begins with a 3×3 playing grid, which can increase to 7×7. Winning combinations form when five or more icons of a kind create a cluster.

Pearl Harbor Bonus Features

The game becomes more exciting when the player triggers bonus features. Let’s look at them closer.


The icon lands on any position during the base game but counts only when it is in the active area. If the icon is split during the bonus mode, the multiplier value of the scatter becomes an (x)multiplier during the first bonus addition.

xBomb Wild Multiplier

This icon blows away up to ten symbols near it inside the active area. If the symbol is adjacent to the active area border, it expands this area by one reel or row, and if it lands in the corner of it, it expands it by one reel and one row.

If the icon is split, it receives an x2 multiplier for the following avalanche with the +1 or (x)multiplier amount it has been split into.


If such an icon lands anywhere on the grid, the active area expands to make it part of the rectangle active area. Besides, the icon becomes wild.


These icons are represented by samurai swords. They split all the icons in the direction of the sword handle. If one such symbol gets split by another xSplit, one more sword appears, pointing in a new direction. If the icon already has four swords, a new split provides an x2 multiplier. Bonus symbols are provided with an x2 multiplier when hit by an xSplit. After the splitting, this icon becomes wild with a multiplier value equal to the number of swords.

Colossal Symbols

These have a 2×2 or 3×3 size, initially counting as a single icon. However, they can be split by an xSplit.


This feature gets activated by three scatters. It begins with three spins, and the player can enjoy a new backdrop: a fighter plane cockpit with an instrument panel featuring 18 dials. They start spinning and can either land an (x)multiplier, (+)multiplier, or nothing.

A Dogfight attack starts once the player fills up a column of dials. All multipliers become active and sum up or get multiplied. If all 18 dials get filled, a Kamikaze Attack gets triggered with a multiplier wheel with 10 possible multipliers spinning as the plane approaches a target ship. If the ship gets hit, the multiplier from the wheel gets activated.

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Four scatters activate this round. It is similar to the previous one, with two additions.

Midway Pop gets triggered if a multiplier appears on a dial in the middle row. The amount value pops up to the top row. If no value initially was there, it randomly receives a (+)multiplier or an (x)multiplier. If a value is there, the mid-row amount is added to it, and the multiplier type remains.

Bomb Drop gets triggered when a full row of instrument dials is filled. A bomb is dropped then. If the ship gets hit by a bomb, all (+)multipliers of that row sum up and get multiplied by all the (x)multipliers of the row.

Pearl Harbor FAQ

What is the RTP of the Pearl Harbor slot?

The game’s RTP is 96.06% by default, but it can be changed depending on a chosen online casino.

Is the Pearl Harbor slot available for free?

Yes, it is! You can try this game without a deposit. Just choose a trusted online casino and start playing the slot in demo mode.

Are there any bonus features in the Pearl Harbor slot?

Yes, this slot has multiple bonus features that can boost your winning chances.

Can I play the Pearl Harbor slot on my smartphone?

Sure, you can. The slot is compatible with mobile devices, so you can enjoy playing it on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.