PurplePay Casino Withdrawals

PurplePay as a payment method has proved to be ideal for most online casinos and players that prefer speedy and secure withdrawals online. The service is mostly targeting players from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. It is often referred to as one of the most reliable online vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased from online distribution companies, acting as prepaid visa cards for customers.

Another advantage of PurplePay vouchers is their availability at online casinos. The bettors are not required to set up an account to use the service. The major requirement is using PurplePay via the payment link found in the cashier section. The players are able to choose the voucher from the list of accessible payment methods and proceed with the purchase using a personal credit card at PurplePay’s official website.

Updated on April, 2024

Casinos with PurplePay Withdrawal Method in United States

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PurplePay Accessibility: PurplePay Apps

PurplePay does not require the players to demonstrate specific knowledge of online platforms for withdrawals. It was created to engage the players and maintain a money flow with a minimum amount of effort. Casino experts believe that it is best used with eBanking data integrated with the platform. To proceed with the payment transfers, the players can download the app and create a PurplePay account.

Below, the users will find a step-by-step guide on how to use PurplePay as a payment system:

  • Once the account is created, the players will be invited to visit the cashier section to select PurplePay as a preferred method.
  • The players will need to fill in their credit card details in order to complete the registration.
  • The system will redirect new customers to PurplePay’s official website with the player’s banking details.
  • The players will have a voucher number provided, allowing them to transfer the desired amount to the casino account.

When creating an account at PurplePay, the users will have to enter the details of their bank account, expiry date, and CVV. Both debit and credit cards can be used for signing up at PurplePay. The system uses a 16-digit PIN code to secure the player’s data.

By clicking on ‘complete the payment’, the money will be displayed in the player’s account. PurplePay payments will be processed in a matter of seconds. The players will also be allowed to withdraw money using their card with a waiting process of about 7 days. Once the code for the player’s account is generated, the payment will be considered complete.            


Can PurplePay services be used on mobile devices?

PurplePay was specifically designed for smartphone use. With mobile-friendly software in mind, the service has established itself as available across multiple platforms.

Are there any fees for PurplePay withdrawals?

The players won’t be charged additionally, with all the expenses covered by PurplePay casinos. The cash invested in a voucher is equal to the amount of money that will be delivered.

Are PurplePay withdrawals instant?

All the player’s withdrawals at PurplePay are instant. A PIN code will be generated with the option of completing the withdrawal available to online players.

Do I need an account to use PurplePay?

The players don’t have to create an account at PurplePay to monitor the payment process. After they have selected the withdrawal method, they can purchase a voucher using their card. However, the bettors also need to make sure that their credit card allows the payments.