CartaSi Casino Payment Method Overview

To most gamblers, CartaSi may not be the most recognizable name of the payment system, unlike other, more popular alternatives. However, for gamblers based in Italy, this payment tool is one of the most trusted and verified.

CartaSi is a part of the worldwide payment network because it is linked with it via Visa and MasterCard. This feature makes CartaSi a fast and well-protected payment solution for gamblers to opt for when they need to transfer money to the casino accounts.

In this overview, one can find more details on how CartaSi works, how it is possible to deposit with its help, and what additional perks one may get when choosing this payment option.

CartaSi Deposit

The good thing about CartaSi is that depositing with this method is extremely easy. Here is how this should be done:

  • Find an online casino that offers this payment method
  • Open an account on its website
  • Afterward, go to the cashier section and pick the appropriate method for making a payment
  • Decide what sum of money to deposit
  • Provide the required bank and credit card details
  • Type in the code that can be found on the back of the card
  • Submit the request

A response will arrive within seconds, saying that the deposit is accepted and the funds are available in the chosen casino account.

It may happen that the credit card is rejected! If this happens, it means that the bank flags the transaction because they do not allow gambling payments. As an option, the procedure might fail because a card’s holder didn’t have a sufficient balance to cover the transaction.

Updated on July, 2024

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CartaSi Benefits and Special Features

CartaSi payment method shares the same benefits and perks as any credit or debit card transaction.

  • The transactions are fast, taking minutes
  • This is a straightforward, simple, and intuitive payment method
  • The transactions are protected
  • Even if CartaSi isn’t mentioned as a deposit method on a casino site, it can typically be used for payments

CartaSi Pros and Cons

Any payment method has specific pros and cons. Sometimes the number of both is equal, and sometimes, there could be more downsides than benefits. This is what one can say about the CartaSi option: the advantages of this payment method significantly outnumber its disadvantages! Just check this out as proof:

  • It’s confidential
  • It provides a high level of security
  • CartaSi features high-quality support service 24/7
  • It’s a multicurrency payment method
  • There is no commission charged for currency conversion
  • This method features fast transactions
  • No commission required
  • Transactions at CartaSi casino are simple and intuitive

As for the flaws in this payment system, only a few points should be taken into consideration:

  • CartaSi casinos are rare throughout the world. They are more prevalent in Italy
  • It’s possible to cash it out only at land-based ATMs in Italy

Hopefully, this payment method will become more popular in Western countries one day as well, making it possible for gamblers in the United States and Asia to enjoy all the perks CartaSi offers. But even though it is only available in Italy now, Italian gamblers can benefit from using this reliable and easy payment tool to enjoy gambling online.


Are there any fees when using this payment option?

No, there are no fees when using CartaSi card to make a deposit. All such fees are paid by merchants to the payment processor.

Can a gambler withdraw funds through CartaSi?

Casinos sometimes offer withdrawals through this product, but it is not the most popular option.

Where is it possible to use CartaSi?

This method can be used worldwide due to the co-branding with Visa and MasterCard, though it is most popularly used in Italy.

What are the alternative payment methods to CartaSi in Italy?

An Italian-based gambler can also use credit cards, iDebit service, or PostePay service instead of CartaSi.