How to Find Reliable iWallet Withdrawals Casinos for Players

iWallet has turned out to be the right choice for players that are used to conducting transfers at online casinos without the risk of being scammed by third parties. The fund delivery rate established at iWallet remains high, with the platform’s most popular services available in the US and the majority of European and Asian countries. iWallet is based on a prepaid money system that enables players to transfer cash at a rapidly increasing rate. Withdrawing funds with iWallet is a similarly hassle-free experience.

Updated on February, 2024

Casinos with iWallet Withdrawal Method in United States

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To withdraw funds with iWallet, the players have to register an account on their official website. They will be provided with a special prepaid card that will be topped up with the aid of a bank account or instant card transfers. Another major advantage of a service like iWallet is the absence of identity verification, allowing the players to choose a safe online casino that has the service as an acceptable payment method. To make sure the online casino supports iWallet, the players will be invited to the payment methods page for more information on casino withdrawals.

How to Start Using iWallet Services

Once the players head over to the online casino, they will need to complete a set of steps aimed to guide them through the process of secure casino withdrawals at iWallet:

  • To conduct online transactions using iWallet, the players are required to sign up at the casino platform.
  • The continue withdrawing funds from the casino, the players will be asked to go through an identity verification process that includes submitting their phone number or email.
  • After the player’s account is verified, they are allowed to complete their first transaction with iWallet.
  • The players will need to choose the amount they would like to withdraw while entering the account information in the required field.
  • Once the desired amount is determined, the users will be asked to click confirmation.

The funds will be displayed in the player’s account at once. There is a limit established for the iWallet account as soon as it is created on the site, with the maximum number of funds that can be withdrawn reaching $1,000. As soon as the players confirm their identity, the limit will be rendered nonexistent, allowing the punters to withdraw cash without a predetermined number.

The minimum withdrawal amount for players at iWallet is $10, whereas the maximum does not usually exceed the $5,000 rate. Any additional fees that the players might come across while depositing online are the ones related to local currencies and currency exchange. iWallet withdrawals are usually processed within 2 or 3 business days.


Will there be any fees for players withdrawing funds at iWallet?

There are no hidden fees for players that use iWallet. The only additional fees that the players might come across are the ones that are related to the currency exchange rate.

What is the maximum amount the players can transfer with iWallet?

Usually, the maximum amount that the players can transfer with the help of iWallet does not exceed $5,000, with some casinos allowing punters to change the maximum limit upon registration.

Is iWallet a safe platform to use?

iWallet is a service that uses SSL encryption to make sure the player’s personal information is safe with the casino.

What is the average processing time for withdrawals at iWallet?

For withdrawals, the standard processing time varies between 3-4 business days for international players.