Legit Online Casinos That Accept Money Order Payments

With the rapid development of the Internet and technologies in general, the casino industry has changed greatly. From cryptocurrencies to a multitude of e-wallets, there are banking methods that could suit anyone, no matter where a player lives and what their expectations are. Today, we will focus on Money Order – an online casino payment option that is fast, convenient, and secure.

Updated on September, 2023

Casinos with Money Order Withdrawal Method in United States

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About Money Order Transactions

Believe it or not, first money orders where introduced to the global financial industry back in 1792. At that time, the industrial revolution made people find new ways to transfer their money in a safe and reliable way, especially overseas. Workers in Britain came up with the idea of money orders – an intentioned that was officially accepted in 1838 and has been widely used over the globe ever since.

How to Make a Money Order

To make a transaction using a money order, one needs to choose a postal office nearby and go there. After filling out a form and choosing how much money one wishes to transfer, one needs to pay for the order, which is usually done in cash. All one needs to know to make a transaction is the postal address of the recipient. This is what makes this payment option extremely secure – it may not be the most convenient one, but the safety it provides is unmatched, because users do not have to share any of their personal or banking data. Once the money reaches the person or the bank it was sent to, it needs to be collected at an office.

Using Money Order at Online Casinos

Although it might not be the most popular method with modern gamblers, there are numerous casinos accepting money orders, and there is nothing difficult or tricky about making a transfer using this service. Once a player makes sure the casino they have chosen accepts money order deposits, they need to head out to the nearest postal office to fill out the form and pay for the transaction.

The best part is that money orders can also be used for withdrawals at most casinos from the list on this page. Withdrawals are even easier, because players do not have to give any details apart from their residential address.


Can Money Order be used for both deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, it can. Money Order is one of the most reliable options, no matter if one wishes to deposit money or make a payout.

What are the best Money Order online casinos?

On this page, players can see what online casinos have been rated the best by beginner and experienced gamblers. The list is updated regularly.


Does Money Order support multiple currencies?

Yes, it does. To see if a particular currency can be used with Money Order, see the list of the accepted ones on the website. Even if the desired currency is not mentioned there, it will be easy to exchange it to another one during the transaction process.

Is there a Money Order customer support service?

No, Money Order does not have a customer support team of its own. However, users can get in touch with representatives of the banks they use shall they have any troubles when trying to make a casino payment.