OKPay Casinos: How to Manage Online Withdrawals with a Few Clicks

OKPay is a casino payment provider that operates within a range of various transaction methods and allows the use of local currencies around the world. Some of the more traditional options provided by OKPay include:

OKPay also features an e-wallet that supports cryptocurrencies, with the platform having been renovated in 2018 after its acquisition by MoneyPolo. This money management casino has a solid backup in the form of an authentic verification process and a minimal fee for online transactions. The players are allowed to make withdrawals using OKPay once it is connected to an existing credit card or a bank account.

Updated on July, 2024

Casinos with OKPay Withdrawal Method in United States

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OKPay and Making Withdrawals Online

Since OKPay casinos promote payment methods that essentially belong to the realm of e-wallets, it is important to load the online casino card with funds that can be later used for personal purposes. The funds will be linked to a bank account to provide fast withdrawals.

The players may also come across certain differences in withdrawal limits based on the specific casino requirements for separate platforms. OKPay casino accounts generally allow players to make withdrawals that do not exceed the maximum of 300 EUR. To make sure the transaction process is complete, the following steps must be included:

  • Signing up at an online casino accepting OKPay.
  • Finding the payment page and going for withdrawals.
  • Clicking on the drop-down list of casino payments.
  • Finding OKPay among the available payment methods.
  • Indicating the preferred withdrawal amount at the casino.
  • Completing a verification process that includes payments.

The standard transfer period for payments made at OKPay casinos does not exist as all the payments are instantaneous. The online casino may charge a general transaction fee of 0.5% for withdrawals, which is the equivalent of 2.99 EUR.

When submitting the details of the casino payments, the players need to be aware that the service does not provide refunds for transactions that have already been completed. Any cash rewards delivered to players at the casino can be withdrawn from the casino site via alternative withdrawal methods.

OKPay Payouts and Funding an Account

OKPay casinos generally feature a payout system revolving around two major approaches to cashing out winnings for customers:

  • The transfers are deposited to the OKPay account once the players conduct the payments via the online account at the casino.
  • The money transfer will be conducted through similar methods, such as crediting money to a bank account, with the players making withdrawals that involve an OKPay debit card.

Both procedures are fairly straightforward, which makes cashing out rewards a piece of cake for the players involved in the transaction. The fastest way to complete the payout at OKPay is by following the directions listed by the casino site below:

  • Click on the withdrawal button at the cashier section of the casino.
  • State the preferred amount for casino withdrawals and choose a debit card.
  • Finish the process of verification and submit personal information for payouts.
  • Wait for the payout approval and select the preferred games online.

Whenever the players sign up at an OKPay casino, they will need to find the register button and choose the type of account that will best suit their gambling needs. The users are expected to provide an online casino with personal banking details and a valid email to start the registration process. Verifying the player’s identity will help the casino site facilitate transactions.

Signing Up at a Reliable Online Casino

Choosing a top-up feature for an OKPay casino balance is another option available to punters that are used to conducting wire transfers from their debit card to an OKPay account. To withdraw from the account within minutes, the players are required to do the following:

  • Log into a personal account and find the option for withdrawing funds
  • Choose the preferred method and enter the banking details
  • Submit the payment details and confirm the transaction for OKPay

It is essential to point out that in some cases, wire transfers may take time, whereas credit and debit card transfers at OKPay are instant.


What is the biggest advantage of OKPay?

The major benefit of OKPay casino services is the player’s ability to take part in safe and secure transactions. No sensitive data will be shared with outsiders or third parties, with the players having a chance to maintain their privacy and anonymity at an online casino.

Can the players withdraw funds at OKPay?

OKPay allows the players to clear out cash without having to go to great lengths. The following banking method helps the punters link their casino account to an existing credit card for risk-free withdrawals as they choose the preferred payment method online.

What is the best way to fund a casino account with OKPay?

In order to fund a casino account, the players have to select their favorite payment method and follow the instructions provided by the casino site. The transactions made at OKPay have an instant processing time and will be shown in the player’s bank account immediately.

How can the players create an account at OKPay?

To get started with the OKPay casino service, the players are required to click on the “get started” button as they visit the casino homepage. A confirmation message will be sent directly to the player’s email, with the sign-up process taking less than a minute.