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There is something to choose from for TV series and movie fans at most online casinos. The leading casino software providers have joined forces with world-known franchises and have brought known faces like Lara Croft and The Terminator to the reels. Such slot machines are always a smash hit. The characters and storylines are instantly familiar. There are also some more sophisticated video slot machines featuring cinematic-style clips coming from the movies they are based on. Therefore, TV & Movie-based slots are the players’ chance to see their favorite characters coming to life on the reels.

TV & Movies-Based Slots Diversity

Whether one prefers 3-reel classic style slots, titles with progressive jackpots, or sophisticated video slots, he can find a title that suits his needs in this category. Many developers have made their best to come up with gorgeous titles providing the best gambling experience. Among the two bright examples are Dracula and Creature from the Black Lagoon, but there are far more titles to choose from. Slots based on popular TV shows and movies always have a storyline, even if it is very simple.

The appeal of slots from this category is easy to see, especially considering that there is a wide variety of film genres. From horror to cartoons, there is something for every taste. The gambler can choose the more serious titles or try the ones packed with fun. Thanks to the top software providers, gamblers can enjoy all these entertaining titles at the best casinos online.

TV & Movies Slot Machine Games

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Features and Bonuses of TV & Movies Slots

The unique feature of slots based on TV series and movies is that they already feature a set style and design that a developer just needs to carry over to the reels. The provider can create backdrops that tie in perfectly, and all the icons and the overall design have to match the look and feel of what the game is themed around.

Due to the existing subject matter, the developers have multiple opportunities in regard to bringing in special effects, adding cinematic scenes, and including bonuses following a set storyline. TV & Movies slots category features titles with themed wild and scatter symbols, bonus games, free spins, and progressive jackpots. The majority of these games can be played for free, meaning the gambler does not need to register or make a deposit to enjoy the gameplay. However, if the player likes a specific slot title, he can always switch to real money mode whenever he feels he is ready to deposit real cash and try his luck.