What Should a Gambler Expect from Viking Slot Games Online?

Online games featuring a Viking theme are viral among experienced gamers and rookie gamblers. Indeed, why would anyone keep getting bored playing a fruit machine game if there is a chance to dive into an epic and deadly challenge of the Dark Ages?!

All Viking-themed slot games feature a high-quality design and an excellent selection of slot machines that allow gamblers to try different challenges and games, from the easiest ones to more complicated ones. Plus, these games come with fantastic storytelling lines and various in-game bonuses and features.

Speaking of storylines, one can expect to experience pillage and plunder, discovery and colonization, artifacts, and bloody sagas when playing Viking games!

What Themes Once Can Find When Playing Online Viking Games

Viking-themed slot games are divided into multiple types depending on the topic of the game. One can try different plots and challenges depending on personal preferences. For example, most online casinos feature the Viking games on the following topics:

  • Norse mythology with gods and spirits of the ancient world
  • The Viking warriors and explorers

Below, there is a more detailed description of each type of these games.

Vikings Slot Machine Games

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Norse Mythology Viking Games

Want to immerse into a magnetic and enigmatic world of Norse myths and legends that will make your soul tremble? Then this type of Viking online game is the ideal choice! Norse mythology is the leading theme for the stories featured in Viking online games.

These games are based on old Norse myths about gods and deities, such as Odin and his Valkyries, Thor, Loki, and Frey. The story in these games often takes place in Asgard or Valhalla. Some modern slots may focus on the leading character, whilst others may take a more generic approach. Either way, such slots tend to be full of magic!

Viking Warriors and Explorers

Vikings are well-known explorers and fighters, so no wonder Viking-themed slots feature these topics as well. This topic is extremely rich in what one can explore within, so a gambler should expect all sorts of challenges and interesting tasks to complete while playing. Also, the richness of this topic results in games that are not like each other, which means a gambler will have a vast selection of storylines to try.

Best Viking-Themed Slots to Try Online

Since there are dozens of Viking-themed slot games in safe online casinos, it’s pretty hard to know which one to play first, especially if one is a rookie gambler. Grab a review of a few games that can be considered absolute favorites to make it easier.

  • Vikings

Everyone knows “Vikings”, one of the best TV series around. And this slot game is based on this famous TV show! When playing this three-reel and five-row grid with high volatility, one will meet well-known characters like Lagertha, Bjorn, Loki, and, of course, Ragnar. There is also find plenty of help through the themed bonus features in this game.

  • Odin Infinity Reels

This game is a result of the collaboration of the most famous online game providers. Also, this slot is the very first attempt to combine two ground-breaking mechanics. Here, it adds a reel to the grid every time one lands a winning combination. A gambler will also get two jackpots: a max win of 20,000x the stake, plus an 888x Infinity Bonus.

Viking slot games can be fun despite a pretty “dark” theme! They often combine great video mechanics with a captivating theme based on history, myths, or fantasy. Since the best providers usually create these games, one will enjoy crisp and high-quality graphics and themed soundtracks that will allow a gambler to immerse in the game.