Criminal Slots

Crime-themed slot machines are quite popular among players. There is nothing particularly surprising in this because they have a fascinating plot, and very interesting characters of criminal video slots such as pickpockets, bank and museum robbers, gang thugs, hired killers, bootleggers, and even the godfathers of the Italian mafia.

Perhaps the criminal theme has the same long history as the traditional fruit slots. Moreover, fruits are just a symbol, and the crime genre is the embodiment of the era of the birth of slot machines. After all, remember that traditionally automatic machines are called one-armed bandits. And all the classic crime westerns are not complete without a cool mechanical slot for a win in which serious battles break out.

Crime-Themed Slots Developers

Among the top producers of online slots in the crime genre, Net Entertainment is worth highlighting. It is in the development of these studios that the most beautiful crime slots are present:

As you can see, there is also the theme of the wild west, and the eternal slogan of the gates “Trick or Treat”, drug barons, and other equally fascinating legends. The crime genre is also successfully practiced in slot machines from Microgaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil Gaming, and others. The developments of all the leading providers exploit all the features of this specific genre. The pursuit of success and wealth, extreme situations, clashes between representatives of the law and the main characters.

Criminal Slot Machine Games

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Features of Crime Slots

Crime and special symbols are typical for this style of online slots – often there are jewelry, weapons in all their forms, master keys, safes, and other tools of qualified criminal authorities. Depending on the plot that the developer has inserted into the slot, there are plenty of supporting images. However, there are frequently a magnifier, a bomb, a car, other robbery tools, and a lot of cash. These are typical symbols that aid in creating a successful combo. They don’t offer any functionality, instead, they just pay out when a winning sequence is formed.

In any case, both at the dawn of the slot machine industry and in the modern world, the criminal topic will not exhaust itself, manufacturers tirelessly create something new in this field, trying to spur the player’s excitement with references to well-known criminal personalities and clans that are symbols of their caste and time: Bonnie and Clyde, Yakuza, Cosa Nostra, Pablo Escobar, and others.

Enjoy Playing Criminal Slot Machines

You don’t have to turn into an actual thief if you desire to dive deep into the criminal issue! Simply press a switch on your device to experience the entire range of law-breaking actions or to help fight the criminal. The crime slot machines list come in a variety of types, many of which can be enjoyed in a demo (free) version at any online casino. It is undoubtedly a fantastic option for beginners who don’t want to risk their money and for seasoned players who want to practice.